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ThinkProgress: Trump confidant dumped millions in steel-related stock last week (Also the Trade War thread)

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7 minutes ago, Riggo-toni said:

$5 billion in subsidies?  Where are all the Republicans denouncing such socialism?


I keep remembering a string of Bloom County cartoons, in which Opus decides that he wants to be a farmer.  


The conclusion featured Opus in overalls, with a wheat straw in his beak.  Milo is reading to him from a book:  


"In order to be a farmer, you must be able to repeat the following two phrases, one after the other, with a straight face."  


"1)  Get the government off our backs!!!"  (Opus repeats it.)  


"2)  Where's my *&($$# subsidy?"  (Opus cracks up, and can't say it.)  



So, to answer your question, they're all out in Real America, running for reelection.  


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Ultimately, I'm not sure a deal gets eneacted.  Congress would've have to pass this deal, note sure Trump will have the votes.  Also, they are trying to get this passed before the new Mexican president take over.  He probably won't go along with the deal, if he had his say.  

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