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Chocolate milk = Diversity!

Spaceman Spiff

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11 minutes ago, Spaceman Spiff said:


Baby steps breh lol. 


But seriously this....in 2018....is almost unbelievable. But then its America sooooo



Edit: Whats even more hilarious is that I know those brothers talked him into this. I know he had pause here Lol. He was like I dont know.........But he let those dummies talk him into it. Its funny more than anything. 

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12 minutes ago, Spaceman Spiff said:



Good thing it wasn't Missouri. Chocolate milk would have been stripped nude, tied up, blindfolded and had blackmail pictures taken of it...after sleeping with the governor.




BTW..I bet he's one of the 25% of people who think it comes only from brown cows.

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I'll admit, I was wtf upon reading the headline, but the full story makes a bit more sense (albeit a bit corny and dumb).  Apparently, Rauner didn't even know what was gonna happen ahead of time.  But what's he going to do when called by the speaker, say no?  

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