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Redsox have a 50/50 chance getting ARod


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ESPN.com news services

Curt Schilling's now in Boston. Will Alex Rodriguez join him?

According to a Thursday report on DallasNews.com, the Texas Rangers would consider trading A-Rod to the Boston Red Sox -- for the right considerations, of course.

Sources told The Dallas Morning News that the Rangers would entertain dealing the $252 million man and 2003 American League MVP to Boston in exchange for outfielder Manny Ramirez.

The catch, according to the report, is that the Red Sox would have to absorb A-Rod's contract, which has seven years and about $180 million left on it; and, the Sox would have to pay part of Ramirez's $20 million-per-season tag. The slugger has four years left on his contract.

"My position on all trades is that I'm not going to comment one way or another," Rangers GM John Hart told the paper.

A major league source told the Morning News that A-Rod would like to join the Red Sox. Another source close to the star shortstop indicated he wants to leave Texas.

The Morning News report said a couple of factors must come into play to complete the trade. Those factors include:

The Rangers saving at least $10 million per year. Half of that savings would come from swapping A-Rod with Ramirez straight up. The rest would need to come from the Red Sox paying part of Ramirez's salary. In essence, the Red Sox would be paying A-Rod an average of $25 million to $30 million for each of the next five years.

The Red Sox would have to deal with the Nomar Garciaparra issue, perhaps dealing him to either Anaheim or Los Angeles.

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There is no way the Sox are going to pay for part of Manny's deal. The Rangers would already save a ton of cash on this deal and expecting the Sox to pay more is nuts. I bet the deal does go down though, one for one without the Sox's paying any of Manny's deal. Then Nomar gets dealt to one of the Cali teams.

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A Rod is arguably the best all-around player in baseball. That could help the Sox chances.

Many believe Nomar to be on the downside of his carrer--read the Simmons article linked above--since his wrist injury he has not been the same.

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Originally posted by GGB81

It's a sport...played from April to October...often referred to as the American pasttime...you've seen pictures.

Ya know, I knew there was something familiar here… just could not conjure up what it was.

Isn't it referred to now as the American past ? Or "pasttime" we rid ourselves of this boring sport?


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Nomar is a free agent after next year and likely will not want to come back. Seems he wants to go west. Plus the Sox are worried that his production is going to decline. They figure doing this will net them A-Rod, rid them of Manny and get something rather than nothing for Nomar.

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I would love it if the Red Sox got ARod. They would have to trip elsewhere which would probably weaken them at other positions negating and even possibly weakening the team overall instead of strengthening it.

This opinion was brought to you by Mike and The Mad Dog of WFAN in New York. (I just happen to agree with it)

Well, either they are right or the Red Sox will be joining Steinbrenner in paying a hefty luxury tax which is believed to be something the Red Sox owners are not willing to do.

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