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CZAR: Mouthy McNabb gives Cowboys inspiration


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CZAR: Mouthy McNabb gives Cowboys inspiration


John Czarnecki / FOX Sports

How much is bulletin board propaganda really worth? Many a head coach believes in this stuff. Cowboys coach Bill Parcells is one of them. And the Cowboys have a showdown game Sunday against the Philadelphia Eagles.

Well, after the Eagles lost to the Cowboys almost two months ago, quarterback Donovan McNabb wasn't convinced. Here's what McNabb said and the quotes are in the Dallas locker room:

"Now, people ask, 'Is Dallas for real or are they the best team?' Clearly, if you watch the film, they're not. So, what does that tell you?"

Cowboys defensive tackle La'Roi Glover has read McNabb's putdown and says he enjoys the motivation.

"I'm a big fan of press clippings," Glover said. "Put stuff out and let the team hear a guy disrespecting you like that and saying negative things about you like that. That kind of stuff gets you fired up."

More NFL dirt from the Czar

The Eagles have won seven straight since losing to the Cowboys. They botched an onside kick that day. McNabb has turned his season around, throwing a touchdown pass in each of his last six starts, plus posting his three highest QB ratings of the season. One wonders if he'll pick on cornerback Mario Edwards, who was burned three times by Miami's Jay Fiedler?

The Cowboys aren't running very well, and stopping the run is the main flaw in the Philly defense. Troy Hambrick has 102 yards in his last four games.

COACHING CAROUSEL: There could be as many as eight head-coaching openings by season's end, but there doesn't seem to be a ton of candidates. Plus, Nick Saban, the LSU coach mentioned repeatedly with both the Giants and Bears, sounds like he's staying put. Word has it that LSU is working on a new deal that will move him above Oklahoma's Bob Stoops, the NCAA's highest-paid coach at $2.2 million a season.

If Saban and Stoops are truly out of the mix, the other college head coaches mentioned have been Iowa's Kirk Ferentz and Maryland's Ralph Friedgen, who has been rumored to be the top candidate to succeed Atlanta's Dan Reeves. Ferentz still sounds like a coach who would prefer Penn State over any NFL job.

If Arizona decides to dump Dave McGinnis, Giants coach Jim Fassel might be a good fit because the Maras owe him $2.7 million next season. Bill Bidwill wouldn't mind having his good friend paying most of his new coach's salary.

San Diego is a confusing scene for everybody to read. Every week there is a different rumor. This week has owner Alex Spanos cleaning house and starting over.

The one bad rumor has Fox's Jimmy Johnson having any interest in the Giants. He doesn't. Johnson isn't going back to coaching. He left his dream job, the Miami Dolphins. He loves his television gig and has no need for a big-money coaching contract.

BENGALS-RAVENS: This game is for the AFC North title and who would have thought that in training camp? The Steelers have faded and Marvin Lewis has the Bengals playing harder and smarter. The Ravens privately admit they overlooked Cincy in the first game, but they won't this Sunday.

Anthony Wright, a disappointment in Dallas, has found a new home with the Ravens.

Nick Wass/Associated Press

The Ravens are attempting to win a team record fifth-straight home game. And the Bengals haven't beaten anyone on the road with a winning record since 1990. The other weird thing here, though, is that both teams are starting quarterbacks that figured to be on the bench by now. Jon Kitna has kept No. 1 pick Carson Palmer holding the clipboard while Anthony Wright had passed for 608 yards in his three starts and if he keeps playing well, he'll keep the job for the remainder of the season. Rookie Kyle Boller should be ready for the season's final two games. Wright has played so well that this figures to be Chris Redman's final season in Baltimore.


The Ravens are 3-1 with Gary Baxter starting at cornerback.

The Browns are in a real pickle because starter Kelly Holcomb truly has the look of a backup.

Many scouts believe that Miami of Ohio's Ben Roethlisberger has a much stronger arm than both Ole Miss's Eli Manning and Tulane's J.P. Losman. He's a definite first-round pick. So is North Carolina State's Phillip Rivers, whose completion percentage is over 73 percent.

Redskins QB Patrick Ramsey may be sitting out the rest of his season if his right foot doesn't improve.

The only downside to the Packers' Sylvester Croom becoming the first African-American head coach in the SEC with Mississippi State is that it should have happened a year earlier. He should be Alabama's head coach. Croom will struggle because Mississippi State has the worst facilities in the SEC.

Mike Tice tossed a chair and broke a video projector at yesterday's team meeting. Maybe it will wake up the Vikings.

Carolina's Stephen Davis is averaging only 2.4 yards a carry in the red zone, plus he's had two fumbles.

If the Saints win on Sunday, they will have swept the Buccaneers for the second straight season.

The rumors persist that there will be coaching staff changes on the Redskins.

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Originally posted by Red&BlueRivalry

Everyone says the Eagles are going to win this game but putting my Cowboys homerism aside, this game is ripe for an upset. The Eagles couldn't handle the Cowboys blitz earlier in the year, we'll see if they can this time. All good winning streaks must come to an end. ;)

I tend to agree with you. They seem too confident, almost like the NFC Championship game last year.

However, in the first game, McNabb couldn't hit water from a boat with his passes. That is not the case anymore. If he completed 65% in the first game, like he's doing now, the Eagles would have won going away. He had receivers open but rarely hit them.

If the Cowboys send eight, they will get burned this time.

It's strange. A meaningful Eagles-Cowboys game. That hasn't happened in a long time (for both teams). :)

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Czarnecki has, and always will be, a Cowboy lap dog. I'm pretty sure his office where he types up his pieces is located somewhere in Jerry Jones' colon.

If he writes 100 articles, talking about only 6 NFL teams in each article. I guarentee you there will be 100 articles mentioning the Cowboys. He lives them, he loves them, unbiased reporting at it's worst.

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Originally posted by bubba9497

"Carolina's Stephen Davis is averaging only 2.4 yards a carry in the red zone, plus he's had two fumbles.

Should be 3.... but is this stat a surprise to Redskin fans

Hes still better than anything we've got.

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I don't get the same feeling.

The Cowboys are just 3-3 after starting 5-1.

The Eagles have won 7 in a row, but most importantly, seem to be getting stronger during the last couple of games in that series.

The Eagles have more talent and the homefield as well as the weather in their favor.

Tampa was able to surprise the Eagles with some unexpected production from Brad Johnson and Joe Jurevicius last year in the NFC Title game.

I don't see the Quincy Carter delivering the same kind of clutch performance, at least not if the past couple of weeks is any indication.

The return of Dawkins and Taylor should help the Eagles put heat on Carter and shut down the run game.

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