Game of Thrones Season 8

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2 hours ago, Lombardi's_kid_brother said:

When's Season 9?


i'm still waiting on season 7 personally, hope they get it right

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5 hours ago, Momma There Goes That Man said:

So last week I was really bored and rewrote the plot for seasons 5-10 in a way that improved on all of the flaws I had with the series ending. That's why I had to go back to start at season 5, mostly to introduce a few characters early enough so they can make an impact on the later seasons. 


It's obviously crappy fanfic but i was really happy with how it turned out for something I wrote in 4.5 hours. I was pleased I was able to keep the political drama until the very end, really highlight Dany's downfall and set it up years in advance, gave Jon a lot to do in the final seasons instead of being relegated to a side character, and I made the WW actually meaningful while only giving them one additional battle. 


This was incredibly cathartic. I'll never forgive the hack writers that ruined this show but I feel better now than I have for the past 8 months. 



I hear you bro, I still think about it pretty often. I loved GOT so much, watched every episode when it aired from episode 1. Still can’t believe that terrible ending, it really is a shame. Could have gone down as the best show of all time. That’s cool you did that though. I’ll def read it 

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I didn’t realize the ice king first appeared in Thor. Just switched contact lenses for this role.


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