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Quotes From Redskin Park, Dec. 4



On the status of Patrick Ramsey (QB, #11), who aggravated his foot injury during yesterday’s practice:

“Patrick was not able to practice today. He’s probably very doubtful right now for the game [this Sunday against the New York Giants]. The trainers and doctors held him out and will see what he looks like tomorrow. If there is no improvement, then he’s probably very doubtful for the game.”

On the quarterback play at today’s practice and the plan the Redskins will use against New York if Patrick Ramsey can’t play:

“Tim [Hasselbeck] (QB, #8) was out there throwing the ball around nicely. Gibran Hamdan (QB, #12) is the backup, so if we have to go under those conditions, that’s what we’ll do against the Giants.”

On the likelihood that Patrick Ramsey will play again this season considering he aggravated his foot injury during practice yesterday:

“We were talking to the trainers about that. Just slipping, kicking his foot and twisting it a little bit—that’s going to happen in the game, most likely. He’s undoubtedly going to need surgery when the season is over to get it fixed properly. But, again, we’ve got four games left and I think Patrick wants to play before the season is over, so we’ll sort of go week by week and see where he is. The doctors said that he can’t hurt it any more, so we’ll see how he feels as we go through the end of the year.”

On Tim Hasselbeck (QB, #8) and ways he could improve his play:

“I don’t want to criticize him…he’s only played two [NFL] games in his life. He did pretty well. Obviously, he missed a few balls here and there. He could have maybe tossed it a little better. Overall, he has played very well for a quarterback that has only played two games in his NFL career. He’s throwing nicely out in practice, and the players have a lot of confidence in him.”

On Tim Hasselbeck playing in cold weather:

“Being from Boston College, he’s used to playing in cold weather. This cold weather is natural for Tim. He was throwing the ball beautifully today.”

On snowy weather:

“We’d rather have snow than wind and a cold, icy rain. I think all football players would prefer just a few snowflakes. Whatever it is, it is. Both teams play in the same conditions.”

On his choice for the Heisman Trophy winner:

“It’s a secret vote. I don’t want to get anybody mad at me by picking someone. I’ve already voted, and I’ll keep it a secret.”


On his injured right foot:

“It’s sore. I was playing on it yesterday, I slipped and fell and I re-aggravated it. It’s a frustrating process and I’m trying to do all I can to get out there and play. I’ve missed a game and a couple weeks of practice. It’s still pretty sore and I’m taking it day-to-day to see if I can get back out there.”

On his status for this Sunday’s game:

“My goal is to play, but I’ve got to be able to practice in order to be effective. That’s the toughest thing. It’s difficult for me to be effective throwing the football because I can’t push off of that foot.”

On whether he thinks he should not play again this season:

“I think that’s going to be up to the trainers and staff at this point. It’ll be disappointing because there’ll be three games left and at that point it’ll be tough to say when I’ll be better. I felt a little bit better Wednesday, I was throwing decently and then I re-aggravated it. I’d like to go out there just to see how it feels with the pain I have right now. It’s not an issue with tolerating it. It’s an issue with actually throwing with the foot.”

On whether he has altered his throwing motion as a result of the injury:

“I think I have some. I’m throwing a little jerkier that I have just because I have to get the ball out. That’s a concern.”

On whether he’s worried that an opposing team would try to go after his injured foot:

“That’s something you don’t think anybody would be vindictive in that way. But at the same time, that’s the reality you have to accept when you go out there on the field to play.”


On what he feels he can improve on:

“There were some bad plays last Sunday that I could have gotten out of. I think in all areas I can improve. Being more accurate, because maybe I’ll have a better feel for where a guy is going to be. I can get the ball out quicker. I can manage the offense better, get up to the line more quicker, make sure I have enough time to change the play if we need to. I’m sure there are a lot of quarterbacks in the league who feel the same way.”

On whether it’s difficult to prepare not knowing if he’ll play or not:

“The last few years I’ve been a backup quarterback. Sometimes I’ve been unemployed, but when I was playing, it was in a backup role. At least now, I’m getting some of the reps. Had Patrick not been hurt going into the Miami game, I would have been thrown into that game with almost no reps at all in practice. It would have been a tougher task. So from that standpoint, it helps that I’m getting these reps.”

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