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Now that the Skins are done for the year....


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well, I know they aren't "officialy" eliminated but you know what I mean.

My question is, what team will you pull for during the playoffs and the rest of the season?

Being that I'm an NFC guy, and the fact that Big Country is just one year gone being a Skin, I wouldn't mind seeing Carolina make a push for the NFC championship.

So Carolina and whoever plays the Eagles will be my favorites in the NFC.


For the AFC, I'll soley be watching and hoping for upsets. Don't care who's playing as long as the favorites go down.

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I like the job Jeff Fisher has done in Tennessee the past 5 years and think he should be rewarded with a SB win this time around.

Geez, if mediocrities like Billick and Switzer have SB rings, I think a very deserving coach like Fisher should too.

If Vermeil had not won in '99 with the Rams, I would be pulling for the Chiefs. Vermeil never got enough credit for resurrecting the Eagles in the 1970's and bringing them as close as anyone has to a championship since 1960.

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i will def. be pulling for the PATS! i am up here in NE and have had a great time watching them play when the Skins aren't on. plus they are refreshing to watch. a pretty mediocre team that plays great on both sides of the ball-- COACHING! every week they seem to get it done. it's getting hard to understand-- it just happens.

in the NFC i have to pull for the Vikes, since i am a big O'Leary fan (GT!!! #15 and rising!) and my preseason Super Bowl pick was MIN and NE (i didn't predict a winner though).

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I see Carolina and Dallas as being teams that have already peaked and are now floating along on their early records.

Carolina was 6-0 and is now 8-4. Dallas was 5-1 and is now 8-4.

the Vikings are in free fall. they won't beat anyone if they limp to the playoffs. 6-0 to 7-5?

every year this happens. you get teams that start fast and then by the end of the year are 10-6 or 11-5 but are not necessarily playing their best football come playoff time.

meanwhile you get the 0-2 Eagles or last year's 4-4 Bucs that go on to run the table and roll into January.

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