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I thought we had a "News" thread


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Nothing against the people who post 15 articles a day but it kind of kills the debate threads which are far more interesting. Actually ,it pushes them back to old pages and unless you know what you're looking for, they really get lost.

I don't know about anybody else but those are what I really like to enjoy reading here. Much more than a link and an article.

Anyways, I'm sorry MarkP if this was already asked.

I'll go burn now.

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I always thought the articles incited conversation and debate… and I actually read most of them because I don’t have time to surf the net all day and pull off all the Skins news and information. I also think sharing of information and news is equally as valuable as debate, heated exchanges, and inspiring conversations and advice.

Perhaps when you open a thread and see a hyperlink and an attached article, close it and move on.

There are no articles in the Daily Babe…


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So then help me with this one…. If someone wants to debate facts or relevance about any particular news article, or if they just feel like the writer is on crack… where does that happen?

My concern is that if you fragment this into too many pieces, you lose potentially insightful information and commentary. Are you suggesting to read over there, then come back here and discuss – at which point everyone would have to go to the news forum and read the same article before they can enter the discussion intelligently.

Would that indeed be the process, or did I miss something?

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I've posted articles in both FedEx and the News section. Most of the time it's in just the news. I know what you are saying and don't disagree. Problem is that this site is growing rapidly and

it is going to be hard to keep threads from being pushed down.

Luckily for me my Boss doesn't mind me checking out Extremeskins during the day...because the boss is me.

I will go with whatever the Mods decide. They have done a great job and have no problem with whatever direction they go.

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I've noticed over the last week or two that a couple of the more zealous news item contributors seem to almost be in competition to see who can post more. :)

I think there may be upwards of a couple dozen news item posts on the first page of FedEx at any given time all of a sudden ... many of which are related to the Skins, but maybe not all that immediate. On many of those, I've also noted that there will often be zero replies and only a handful of views.

I'd thought I might ask the folks to do perform this valuable and appreciated service to consider, if, say, they are posting three or four articles on the team the Skins are facing that coming week, maybe they combine them into one thread, with a clearly marked title ... maybe something like, "Four (4) Highly Pertinent and Interesting Articles on the Giants: Fassel Job Secuirty; Dashed Expectations; Tikki Can't Hold the Rock; D.C. Much Cooler Place to Live." :)

Self Merging, as it were.

We don't want to discourage the research and sharing of these articles, but I think we would kind of like to keep the number of separate threads at any given time from growing at the geometric progression they seem to be lately.

We'll find that perfect balance yet. :)

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Here's the way it works. FedEx is for discussion, the news section is for news.

How can you tell if your post belongs in news or on fedex? If you start a discussion it should be in fedex. If you are cutting and pasting a news article it should go into news. Half these threads are just pastings of articles, and that is not a discussion.

I'm with the sheep. Get the news clippings out of fedex unless there is demonstrated interest in discussion, beginning with the poster.


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Screw the news. It's depressing.

I say we just make it up as we go along.

Everyone got their playoff tickets? After we clinch homefield advantage throughout the playoffs this Sunday, it should be a cakewalk to the Super Bowl. I was in line to get mine, and Steve Spurrier drove up andasked me if I wanted to see the game from a recliner at the 40 yard line.

After a couple of seconds, I accepted.

And kudos to the DC gov't, for being the first American city to legalize recreational marijuana.



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Though I don't do as many News posts of late my general rule of thumb has been, hot stories, major stories (Post, Times, SI, NFL.com...etc..) or any stories I feel will cause discussion I post in Fed-Ex. The rest I post in news. If you look into the news section generally you will find several other posts of lesser value not in Fed-Ex.

One problem with posting in news, is it take so long to update. You don't know what has already been posted. News is also not as easily visible when you first come to the site, and not many people see good articles because the news is not right in front of them. Then someone else will come later and post the article in Fed-Ex not realizing it was already posted.

Sometimes you get lazy and just easier to post in Fed-Ex cause you are already there. Sometimes I post lesser articles because I accidentally double posted an article and missed seeing it, so I edit out the mistake with another post, to at least give people an option when scanning Fed-Ex, not clogging it up with the same threads.

Also most of the heavy news posts are at night when there are few posters there to break up all the posts from being piled up together.

I personally don't see the difference in scrolling a couple pages in Fed-Ex to Scrolling down to News then come back up to post or discuss a news post. 6 in one hand, half a dozen in the other.

and finally when you get a complaint post like this... you usually have more people in favor of posting articles in Fed-Ex, many find it easier.

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Ya know..here's the way it works. I admit, sometimes I'm taken aback by the sheer # of articles that are presented here. And certainly a "self merge" is a nice suggestion. That said, I'm looking at the lower corner and I see pages 1,2,3,4, ect.. Now I don't have all day to be reading every post out there, but recognize that as has been noted, the board is ever growing and the page numbers are there for a reason. To click on. and ...well....view.....

During the season, it has become a habit anyway. Takes just a few seconds an the page is lit up. Besides, if it's all that good of a debate, then: 1) It's not going to make it's way to the 2nd page all that fast, 2) If it's that good and you want to participate, then finding it won't be that hard. Certainly not hard to recognize.

Now, I could just go to the News section, but how many actually do that and the discussions happen here on Fed Ex. Call it one stop shopping.

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Bubba, you took the words right outta my mouth. I guess the old saying's right. "You can't please all the people all the time."

And you are SO right about the NEWS section updating being behind.

PhatHog, I also agree with you on posting news articles in FedEx for the discusion that they generate or the chance that they MAY generate a discusion, whether it be heated or just to say that the writer is on on crack.

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I agree with Bufford and others -- there are too many news articles. The threshold for "too many" was passed at some point this season as posting news articles appeared to become a competition.

As a practical matter, this has prevented more than about two or three debate threads from rolling into the next day. Yes, I know we can dredge up the old debate threads, but having them out front on page 1 obviously stimulates further discussion.

With the current pattern, we are losing some of this communal atmosphere -- and the discussions are getting more shallow, I fear. (And also repetitive, as certain topics keep coming up as "new" topics, instead of being threshed out in a single thread that actually explores the issue in some depth.)

Now, I'd also dislike the opposite extreme: news articles forbidden from FedEx. There are obviously a number of very interesting news articles that need to be posted in FedEx. This balance used to be struck with little problem.

I'd suggest to the newshounds that they limit news postings to FedEx to just those articles that made them go "whoa!" in reading them. You know: is it an article that would actually cause you to repeat the story to someone else and start a discussion about it? Has the same story been posted already from a different source? Does the latest story really add anything important?

The fourth regurgitation of how Ramsey slipped in practice doesn't meet that test.

Pretend you're a newspaper editor. Only a lunatic newspaper would post four stories on the same subject. Exercise the same discretion.

Also, mods: maybe you can take the "competition" out of news postings to FedEx by not counting FedEx postings in the prize total. Just count the News section postings toward the prize. As it is, apparently the lure of the prize is driving a posting competition in a forum that should be weighted toward thoughtful discussion.

My two cents. Thanks to the mods and the newshounds for all your contributions.


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I can only speak for myself... I have no "competitive" reason for posting articles. Mainly I post y because I myself want to know every detail about the Redskins, and assume many feel the same.

Two, I try not to post duplicate stories, or generally the same article that has been already posted. Or I will post that article in the same thread (reference the Hate mail thread).

Third, I could care less about post count, I broke 5000 and didn't even realize it until yesterday... no big deal to me.

Fourth many, if not half of discussions begin with a news post or because of a news post.

Fifth how many "just" discussion threads are repeated over and over again? How many bash, Snyder, Spurrier, asst. coach thread are there.... they just get cycled out, then a new thread starts again.

I agree at times there are too many News posts that just clog the board down a bit (I have been guilty of myself at times) but as a whole many get tons of hits from people wanting to read, and if your not interested just skip over. I doubt there have been many discussion threads that have been halted simply because it fell to page two (people here love to argue to much for that to happen). Most of the complaints have come from people who don't want to click to page two.

I try to use some common sense and balance out the difference between Discussion worthy news articles from just info only articles. But my motives are purely to provide info important to the Redskins masses that come here.

I will always follow guidelines set down by the mods, Die Hard, Blade, Art, Om etc....

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Sigh. Okay TK and Bubba. Here it is in a nutshell IMHO........keep up the good work. I have a mouse and frankly it works pretty good on those number thingys. ASF, respetfully disagree. The only thing preventing some if not most of these debates are those who participate and the posters in general. Simply going to page 2 is not "dredging" up anything. The "shallow" subjects, may have increased, I guess, (though not sure how to define that. Subjective ya know), and certainly there is alot of repetiveness in subjects, ( it's alwasy been like that), but that is of no fault to the "newshounds". The board is growing and there are going to be growing pains. Part of the deal and why there may be a sense of loss where the communal atmosphere is concerned. This too shall pass or things will just change. Cliche as it may sound, only time will tell. Keep up the good work guys.

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