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Your favorite NES games (and other old school games)

Spaceman Spiff

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Coleco Telestar Arcade:  Road Racing game (Biggest disappointment was the PInball game...)


Coleco_Telstar_Arcade.jpg  telstar+arcade+2.jpeg


Atari 2600:  Adventure -- On my own, I found the dot for the Easter egg, but I did not know what to do with it.



PS1: Area 51



Xbox:  ESPN 2K5 Football





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I think Mario 2 was underappreciated, although I understand why some people didn't care for it.


Obviously the Mario and Zelda franchises headline the list along with classics like Contra and Double Dragon.


My list would also include:


Robin Hood


Blades of Steel

Ninja Turtles games

Burger Time


I'm sure I'll think of more.

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Some not mentioned yet


Goonies 2

Ninja kid 





I don't even know how many hours me and some friends played ninja kid while stoned, but I swear that's probably the only thing I remember about the game, we couldn't stop playing it, great stoner game lol. 

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Video games I loved from the past:


Betrayal at Krondor (Apple IIe): one of the best RPGs I've ever played. Tremendous story, beautiful artwork for a video game at that time, great

soundtrack. Even the gameplay wasn't half bad. I played that game for hours on end on my bulky Apple IIe.


Stellar 7 (Apple IIe): killer graphics for that time. That was one of those games you would whip out when your friends were around, just to impress them.


River Rescue (Commodore Vic 20): Yeah, I owned a Vic 20 back in '82. And this was the best game on that machine. Couldn't convince my parents to spring for a Commodore 64, so I had to settle for this. :(


Frogger (Timex Sinclair): Timex Sinclair was the first computer I ever owned. 1KB of RAM. Black and White graphics and no sound. What a hunk of junk. But what were you going to do, it was 1980. :( 

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