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Redskins bring in FB Mike Sellers for tryout

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The Redskins brought in ex-Skin FB Mike Sellers for a tryout Tuesday. I hope the Skins resign this guy who is only 28. He is an excellent blocking FB at 260 lbs., who can protect the QB. Also a good pass receiver and special teams player, who could replace the journeyman Bryan Johnson, who is nothing special in any category. :)


6-3, 260, Walla Walla ’94

DOB: July 21, 1975 in Frankfurt, Germany

Acquired: FA-2002

Years CFL/WBB: 5/2

Games CFL/WBB: 51/18

Playoffs CFL/WBB: 2/2

Grey Cups CFL/WBB: 0/0

The Winnipeg Blue Bombers backfield remains in tact, thanks to the re-signing of powerful fullback Mike Sellers.

Sellers is an impressive physical specimen. Throughout the 2002 CFL season, Sellers showed one and all that he is an unstoppable force. He enters his 5th CFL season and his 2nd with Winnipeg. He has played in 51 regular-season games and two playoff encounters.

Sellers is a four-year NFL veteran who started seven of the nine games he played for the Cleveland Browns in 2001. Before the Browns, he played three seasons for the Washington Redskins. He has played in a total of 53 NFL games and has started 16 of those contests.

The 27-year-old already has four years of CFL experience to go with his four years in the NFL, as he played three years for the Edmonton Eskimos in the mid-1990s. No other CFL team has a fullback with Sellers’ combination of youth, strength, skill and experience.

Sellers adds much to the Winnipeg offence and is a very unique asset to the team.

The talent level of the Blue & Gold’s offence was ratcheted up two or three more levels May 7, 2002. That was the day the CFL club originally signed the man-mountain fullback.


Sellers had an outstanding CFL campaign in 2002. He was Winnipeg’s Mr. Everything, placing 1st in special teams tackles (22), 2nd in rushing (77 carries, 377 yards, 4.9 average), 3rd in receiving (63 receptions, 643 yards, 10.2 average), 3rd in kickoff returns (7 returns, 102 yards, 14.8 average) and 4th in all-purpose yardage (1,122 yards).

Sellers added four touchdowns to his totals. His reception numbers are believed to be a CFL record for fullbacks.

What the stats don’t show is Sellers’ ability to block for teammates. His blocking skills helped backfield partner Charles Roberts gain 1,162 yards rushing to place 2nd in the CFL in that category. The protection he gave quarterback Khari Jones allowed the signal caller to have one of the greatest individual seasons in the history of CFL Football.

Sellers’ accomplishments wowed fellow CFLers, as they voted him to the CFLPA All-Star Team.

THE NFL YEARS – 1998-2001

Sellers proved to all in the NFL that he can block like a demon to create running lanes for teammates. He also showed that he could get involved in the offence by catching passes out of the backfield.

He has 25 career NFL receptions for 274 yards (11.0 average) and six touchdowns. He gave his NFL teams an added dimension by serving as a secondary kickoff returner when needed.

Sellers signed as a free agent with Washington Feb. 11, 1998 after three years in the CFL. In his NFL rookie season, Sellers was one of the Redskins bright young stars. Used mostly on special teams, he placed 3rd on the team with 86 special teams blocks. He added nine special teams tackles that year. He saw spot duty on offence at tight end.

Sellers took on a more active role in 1999, as the Washington coaches employed his talents as a blocking fullback, pass-catching tight end and special teams maniac. He led the Skins in special teams blocks with 124, adding 17 special teams tackles. He played in all 16 of Washington’s regular-season games and their two playoff encounters.

One of his 1999 highlights was hauling in a 33-yard touchdown pass from quarterback Brad Johnson in Week 6 action against the Dallas Cowboys (Washington @ Dallas, Oct. 24, 1999).

Sellers used the 2000 NFL season to showcase his nasty blocking abilities. It was Sellers’ pass protection and lane creation that allowed tailback Larry Centers to set club records for combined yardage.

The Browns signed Sellers as a restricted free agent Mar. 14, 2001. The team used him as an H-back, which is designed for players with several talents and is combination of the wide receiver, tight end and fullback positions.

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what the article doesn't mention is the drug and firearms arrest(s) that lead to his release from the Browns.

also let's remember this was a player that just blasted the organization on the way out to sign his contract with Cleveland.

I agree that Sellers played well here in '99 and early '00, but that was THREE years ago :)

Remember a few weeks ago when some of us questioned Parcells' move to activate Adrian Murrell, who had been out of the league since '00?

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no interest in seeing the team become a half-way house for suspended and arrested players :)

Russell, Chamberlain, etc.......I think we have enough second-chancers and guys trying to rehab their careers.

This isn't Mercy General Hospital.

Remember when Dallas tried to acquire talented but troubled players such as Spellman and Underwood?

Blew up in their faces.

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Johnson is a good fullback, and is respected by other coaches in the league, namely Parcells

why do certain players getbashed by fans that really have no bases in their criticism.

Larry Moore, is a good center, yet some people here constantly want to replace him, Johnson at fullback, Barker was a dog last year, but he has had a good season punting this year.

They don't start problems, low salaried players, they are not superstars, but they are good solid players, that show up do their job, at a good level.

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Bryan Johnson is a POPULAR player but a journeyman at best. He doesn't do anything especially well. He's never even made a big special teams play in 3 years. If you have too many of these kind of players on your team -- especially starting -- you are doomed to medocrity at best.

Barker was a dog last year and this year he is near the bottom in punting average again. And at 40 he is not going to get any better either. He needs to be replaced too.

Pro football isn't about winning personality contests. In order to improve, its about accumulating more and better football players and coaches then your opposition. :)

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My point is these guys are NOT popular :), even though they get the job done.

exactly how is Johnson a journey man again. He is the best blocker in the backfield, and has made several key blocks in short yardage situations to spring Rock or another back for a first down or TD. He has good hands, and has made some big catches, hell he has better hands than any of our TEs :). And he is a special teams guy who makes blocks, and has made some big tackles.....

again why the negative criticism of a serviceable player who DOES a good job. He does just as good if not better job than Mike Sellers did when he was a Skin, and doesn't have the baggage Sellers brings, and Sellers hasn't played in the NFL in a couple years. So how is Mike Sellers an upgrade? :)

I again point out he received high praise from Bill Parcells about his blocking abilities, stating he is one of the better blockers in the league.

Barker is not a long turn option as a punter, but his stats are good, in the upper half of the NFC in all categories. We can probably upgrade in the off season, but my point was why has he earn so much hatred this season??

Most people have no knowledge of what makes a good center, but that doesn't stop many from unfairly bashing Moore's play, even though the coaches and other players are happy with his play.

In the era of the Salary Cap you can't have the best superstar to play every position, and you need good serviceable players that can step in and do the grunt work at a high level of play.

These three players have had better seasons than some of our so called Stars this season.

Pro football isn't about winning personality contests. In order to improve, its about accumulating more and better football players and coaches then your opposition.

actually it is about finding ways to out score your opponent each week. :)

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Well, it's a little late if you ask me. Don't sign the guy and then let him go several days or weeks later. Hopefully the coaching staff will start to realize that they need guys like Sellars on the team next year. Why sign the guy or someone else that can be a good blocking back or FB. Then, at the beginning of next season revert back to your old foolish gator ways.

I guess Spurrier's trying to salvage the season when it's a little too late. But like I said, hopefully these guys are experimenting or learning what it's gonna take to get us over the hump and outta the dog house next year.

Lesson #1 coaches...keep some blocking backs and Te's:hammer:

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I won't get into all the other remarks here, but my question is what position are they thinking he can play? I happened to think at 6'3" and 260lbs. he sounds like a pretty nice sized TE. And...if he can block...which it appears he can judging from the articles... he might be a nice addition to the TE corp.

Flemister can't catch a cold.... and he has the mental aptitude of an infant.

Chamberlain is bloated, out of shape, and appears lazy.

Ware is to small, and doesn't seem to do anything well.

Royal is made of glass, and is a poor blocker.

So....why not bring in Sellers and give him a shot of contributing from the blocking/pass catching TE position?

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I'm gonna park my Nav for awhile.

With 2.0 sellers swerving on the interstate I dont want to be arrested for attempted murder if he scratches my paintjob as well as turning the front or side into a picasso.

Danny must have really since dad passed on.

What I admired about him initially was the no tolerance for substance abuse he appeared to show as well as the wrath of Danny that was felt by sellars and should have been used to keep other players in line

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