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OT - Breaking News! Kevin Jones declaring eligible for NFL draft!

Potato Sack

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Guest SkinsHokie Fan

As much as it pains me to say its a great move for him

He has been awesome this year and I do not see how he could improve his stock anymore

I wish him a lot of luck in the NFL, hopefully in burgandy and gold.

And I think he will end up being a top 10 pick after the combine

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well... the combines aren't here yet, but I'd prefer a monster DT or pass rushing DE in the 1st round and Stephen Jackson (6'3 230lbs - Oregon St.) or Greg Jones (FSU) in a later round. Both are big...strong...and can run. I happen to think KJ's running style does not fit the NFL game.... he takes to many hard hits and seems to hop or skip around before hitting a hole. Also..up until this year....he put the ball on the ground alot.

Good Luck to him.... just me personally not in the B & G.

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Bubba, while combines and workouts may drop him, leavng early will most definately not.

He's added 20 lbs over last year to get in the 220 range supposedly. All muscle. Yet still supposedly runs a sub 4.4. (Either he's sub 4.4 or the defenders are as slow as I am.)

He's only had 19 TD's so far this year. Yardage wise, I don't know but it's over 1000. And if you think his yardage totals from earlier years were not what you want, remember, he split time with Suggs.

Jones could of had 300 yds easy against Pitt as Pitt couldn't touch him that night. VT kept bringing Humes in to spell him, taking away playing time. (VT lost cause they couldn't touch fitzgerald the Pitt WR. and Beamer not riding Jones.)

Not saying we should take him. Unless other critical areas are addressed somehow. Or he does fall and he's great value. but there is a need for a RB since we only had 5 go down injured this year. someone durable would be nice. Someone who can do it all instead of "this one goes outside, this one runs up the gut, this one catches".....

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Thanks Orangeskin, at least someone sees what I do.

Betts doesnt really have that much power, he doesnt have speed, he isnt really explosive, and his vision is pretty poor. He can make a few good open field cuts, and he can catch very well, but that sounds like the talents of a spot back to me.

I dont know why some people like Betts so much or believe in him so much. IMHO Trung has proved that he is far better than Betts. If you really take a look at all the games too, Trung even gets the tough yards better than Betts, yup, you may not wanna believe it but Trung's percentage on short yardage situations is much better than Betts's.

Now that said, I'm not saying Trung is the answer either, he could be, I'd like to see him really carry the load here the last few games and see what his production is in those games, cause he could be a premier back i think. The past two games since he's been healthy he's really been running tough too. Also, I'd like to see a stat of how many times Betts has been injured since he's been here???

If Trung cant do it, I think we gotta take Jones. This offense does need a premier back.

Orangeskin, did you say Foster was an RFA this year?? Oh thatd be good, I really wanted us to take him in the draft that year. Oh I'd love to pick him up, he's gonna be an awesome back.

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