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There has been a disturbing trend on ExtremeSkins lately. I've noticed so many posters placing blame on so many areas of this organization. From the front office, to the coaching staff, and also the players. With a losing team, this should be expected. Yet the amount of backlash aganist players and coaches has been a little too much, people are proposing players to be cut and coaches to be fired. When truthfully, this team simply doesn't need another offseason of mass releases and signings.

This is a young team, the longest tenured Redskins currently on the roster is Champ Bailey...and he's just completing his first contract. This team can do without, and can't handle, another influx of players to correct the problems from this season. Especially when those very same problems will likely iron themselves out on their own. Let's look at our first object of criticism:


I'll admit, I've been criticial of his playcalling and decisions in games as well. Yet I haven't gone as far as to suggest he should be fired this season, or create threads pondering who should replace him. We can't be this impatient. This may be the age of free agency, yet many of the teams that have been competitive for a the last few seasons have done so by allowing their Head Coach more than two seasons to field a winning team. Dick Vermeil did it twice with the Rams and Chiefs, both teams took more than two seasons to start winning. Andy Reid's teams were horrible when he first got there, yet the last two seasons they've been a play or two away from going to the SuperBowl. Jeff Fisher's Titans finished 8-8 three seasons in a row, yet they've had the best record of all teams overall in the last 5 seasons. What would you rather have, a one hit wonder or a truly competitive squad that could possibly bring home the title in more than just one season.

We all know Spurrier has more learning to do, and he should be allowed to go into his 2004 season without fans chastising him because he hasn't become Bill Parcells yet. Hell, Parcells wasn't Parcells at this point in his head coaching career. I don't even think Snyder is that impatient.

And speaking of Snyder, I've seen alot of supporters come to his defense lately. Yet he shares part of the blame for the team's struggles. Bug-eyed Cerrato and he have refused to pay much attention to the state of our defensive line. Well, it's finally bit us in the ass. The defense is struggling big time because we can't get anywhere near the QB before his next birthday. This in turn, has affected the play of our linebackers and secondary. Who now have to compensate for the lack of pass rush or their inability to stand ground. George Edwards, has been outcoached in quite a few games this season, yet that doesn't mean he can't do this job. It's his first season, let him get adjusted. Also, it's not as if he's getting a fair shake when the we don't have the DL to run this system properly anyway.

Maybe I'm the only one who realizes this, but if we never signed Trotter to that huge contract. We probably wouldn't be complaining about how much Champ wants, or whether we'll be able to extend Ramsey, or what we'll do with Arrington and Samuels.

Snyder/Cerrato should've never drafted Jacobs, we had other needs. If their weren't any DL ranked high enough to draft in the second round, than we should've traded down and drafted one in the third. There are always good players in the later rounds. I'll admit he did a good job this off-season in signing the Jetskins, but the obvious fact that he didn't realize our DL was horrendous until training camp cannot be ignored.

But the cold, hard truth is he's the owner and we can't do sh!t about it. Maybe one day he'll hire a real GM, maybe he won't. But let's not get into a "fire Edwards" mood, or proclaim Champ overrated when they would be doing alot better given better circumstances. Snyder is getting better, he actually signed free agents that have helped us this season. Also, he signed them in a way that other GMs have been afraid to try. It shows guts, and that's good. Let's hope he starts to use them correctly and for once, consistently.

Guys, let's show a little more restraint regards to the team. The "blow it all up and try it again" philosophy isn't going to work every season. These players need more time to play together, with a few added players here and there. Our all-star players don't need to be traded or released because they aren't having their usual seasons. If an All-Pro has 3 or 4 great seasons, then has one subpar one that is not at his usual level, it doesn't mean he's overrated or a bust. Get real, just because he's highly regarded at his position doesn't mean he's perfect.

Here are a list of people that shouldn't be here next season:

- Kim Helton

- Zeron Flemister

- Bruce Smith (whether he gets the damn sack or not!)

- Regan Upshaw

- Mike Stock

Replacing only these two coaches, and not blowing up the whole coaching staff would do wonders for our team's preparations. Getting rid of those three players and finding replacements who can at least do their jobs correctly without having mass lapses in concentration, making idiotic penalties, or being selfish on the field would help.

I believe we could really field a good team next season. We've come so close to winning so many games this season, we could actually have a winning record despite the injuries we've endured. Next season could be much better if these coaches and players are allowed to build some continuity, like other teams do, and play as a team without enduring the same tedious problems.

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Well one thing that has been forgotten is that this really was an incomplete team to start with. I think most of us (me included) thought our lack of strong defense line could be overcome by a strong offense. Problem is that I think we have an effective offense, but we were still fielding a team run by inexperience QB and a disappointing offensive line and poor blocking execution. Added to this, we clearly have the weakest D-line in the league, and an inexperience Defensive Coordinator who is particing OJT and doesn't yet know how to bring consistent, effective pressure on the QB. This all adds up to a young inexperience, incomplete team.

Maybe the most exciting thing is it appears for the most part that most of the vital pieces will be carried over till next year....meaning we arn't going to be looking at a whole new unit. Will that translate into wins.....who knows. It is reassuring that we are conistantly in games fighting till the end. That atleast mean your competitive, especially when you facing off teams that are still in the playoff hunt. It also means your not there.....but a few more pieces might allow you to get there.

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Nice post Gamebreaker, I agree also. No need to get crazy at this point. Let it grow and develop with these guys. They seem like a good group of guys that practice and play hard. It's nice to see them trying hard 'till the end also. And I would be shocked if we lost to the Giants. My brother in law has NFL ticket and he's a Bills fan and they killed the Giants. I can't believe they are worse than we are(at least at this point). They looked absolutley horrible. The Skins just need to upgrade that d-line. I still believe the o-line will be fine, just had a real down year in my opinion. And finally, I love what Freddie Smoot said in the paper yesterday. It's nice to see a guy be accountable and care so much. He's had a really nice year, especially with the injury. I applaud him.

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Originally posted by riggo-toni

Gamebreaker - FYI:

Cerrato didn't want Jacobs. He wanted to draft safety Mike Doss. Spurrier wanted Jacobs. Snyder gave in to Spurrier.

I stand corrected. Yet from what I've heard and seen from Mike Doss, that might not have been a great pick either.

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Another bump.

I still say we need to give Spurrier one more season.

Yes, we got shut out and all-around destroyed by our arch-rivals. Yet people are forgeting we played that game without our starting QB, any of our RBs and started our starting FB in that spot, starting LT, starting LG, or starting Center.

I'm not making excuses for Spurrier's playcalling, or how badly some of our players played *coughtrottercough*. Yet many a coach endured a blowout or shutout while trying to improve the team. This is no different.

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Oh no its starting to sound like the NORV TURNER days again in this room.

Spurrier needs to go we could hold the defensive coordinator do to the fact we have little talent on that front 4. Just making excuses for Spurrier? No excuse the games we played good in this season are the ones he let Jackson make the offensive play calls! So what is it that Spurrier does? Other then stand on the side line with them goofie faces and looking like he is lost in some twilight zone re-run!

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