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Harvey Weinstein, Fired Amongst Sexual Harassment Allegations

Spaceman Spiff

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17 hours ago, Springfield said:

I fully think that every man ever has acted inappropriately towards a woman.


I disagree, you mean straight men...but gay men can call them the B word and it's cool. 

Sometimes that is called flirting. Guys are stupid in general...we are. 

I can line up folks over decades that will tell you that I never crossed the line. 

I ask questions, I want answers to why folks feel the way they do. 

That's it.

Often times...people hear/read what I say and actually understand... even if we do disagree.

They think something is different than what it actually is, or don't hear it at all.  


6 hours ago, Riggo-toni said:

I know a woman who worked as a photographer on his show, and described him as an absolute scumbag off camera. She hated him, and said he constantly made lewd tasteless sexual comments.


This is the reason I do not like Chris Berman. He was a jackass. Rude and actually belittling to women especially. 

It was odd to see.  


19 minutes ago, Corcaigh said:


Midget sex?


Come on man, it's his pockets are weighing him down. 

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1 hour ago, Kosher Ham said:

I disagree, you mean straight men...but gay men can call them the B word and it's cool. 

I disagree. You mean unattractive men. Here's an illustration.


Attractive Guy walks up to random girl

ATTRACTIVE GUY: What's up ****? 

(Attractive Guy pokes her genitalia)

ATTRACTIVE GUY: I found a way to make my penis 8 inches long... fold in half.

RANDOM GIRL: Hee hee hee hee... Oh, you!


Sacks 'n' Stuff walks up to random girl

 SACKS 'N' STUFF: Hello, my name is Sacks 'n' Stuff

(Random girl crosses her arms across her chest. She's already wearing an overcoat.)


SACKS 'N' STUFF: Pardon Me?


(Pepper spray to Sacks 'n' Stuff's face and here comes an extremely large black gentleman to help poor Sacks 'n' Stuff as he's writhing around blindedly and.... nope, nope. That's the boyfriend. Knee to the face enamel bust.)

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3 hours ago, mcsluggo said:



the first...and biggest... domino was Bill Cosby   



if allegations against Mr Rogers start to circulate, i am honestly going to start crying on the shoulders of random strangers on the metro :(



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