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  • 4 weeks later...
Just now, LadySkinsFan said:

So cute!

And apparently, he's smiling at Buzzette!  :ols:

2 minutes ago, LadySkinsFan said:

So cute! He's got big feet!



That dog is gonna be gigantic.  First thing I noticed.

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As it turns out, Poppy will be mine after she's off the bottle.  I had to promise to not change her name (Poppy Seed :ols:), and not to de-claw her (which I would never do since I learned what it actually entails.)  She's all black and her cord hasn't fallen off yet, so we've got a ways to go...but then I'll have a new kitty.  It was all I could do to not run out the door with her in my hand when I left work. 😻

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Bright cat collars help protect birds, study finds


Rainbow pattern serves as early-warning system for birds, giving them a chance to escape a cat’s lethal pounce.




Colourful collar covers can provide an early warning system for birds against stealthy free-roaming house cats, which are being blamed for killing millions of birds each year in Canada.


Experts say the bright fabric tubes that slip over cat collars — sold under various brands and looking a lot like a hair scrunchie — give birds a chance to escape a cat’s lethal pounce and work better than bells.


Click on the linf for the full article


I can guarantee that if I put one of those on one of my cats they would have it off in a matter of seconds.  And if they somehow weren't able to manage removing it they would hide in shame or kill me for putting it on them, or probably both.  I guess if they hid in shame that would keep the birds safe.

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I've got a silver/gray boy hanging out on the deck a lot lately.  He's gorgeous.  I'm calling him "Smoke".  He lets me pet him.  Cameron hisses at him, but they're co-existing.  I hope he's figured out that he ain't gettin' any from her, I don't see any scratches or scars on either of them, so it hasn't "gone that far".   But it's springtime and I know he's on the hunt.  ;)

But he also comes around front to the ground level windows (I usually have them open when I'm home, we've had nice breezes lately) and sends Sabrina into absolute fits.  :ols:

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