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On 10/6/2017 at 4:04 AM, d0ublestr0ker0ll said:

My #1 is a yellow lab named Buddy.  He won my "Animal of the Year" award for 2016, and is in a "Secretariat at the Belmont" lead for 2017.

I initiated a Dog of the Month award in an attempt to motivate my corgis… It didn't work. That was 6 or 7 years ago and I think Jack has won every month save three.

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25 minutes ago, LadySkinsFan said:

That's what Dancer did to puppy pads. Hence the taking of the puppy outside every two hours, night and day. It helped that I was working from home.


Dude is so active I literally have to take him out every 30 minutes. Woke up from a nap? Gotta Pee! Just ate? Gotta Pee! Little bit of water? Gotta Pee! Play with mom and pop? Gotta Pee! Get a hold of some socks? Gotta Pee! Extra perfect belly rub?? Gotta Pee! I could go on.... And none of those are jokes. 


Hes like a hairy little R Kelly lol




30 minutes ago, Bang said:

Ah, you got the chicken flavored puppy pads. First mistake.




I knew it was stupid. They taste so good I almost cant blame him. 

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I just went out on the back deck to feed the porch kitties...There was Ms. Kitty, Mike, Mickey, and Freddie (still haven't seen Cameron since he took off right after I got 'em all fixed).  I had my phone in the pocket of my bathrobe, and thought "Cool, I may be able to get a pic of the family eating" cuz I have 4 bowls out there right now.  The stars were aligning...

Well, Freddie is a bit of a bully, and she growled and chased Mickey off the deck.  But I have a couple pics of when they were kittens.

Here's Mike, then Mickey, then Freddie.







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3 minutes ago, Bang said:

The mystic guardian of the gas can..



It's funny, but Mike still loves the mop he's next to.  It was up across the rail the other day from drying out and when I came home from work, he was on the rail sleeping with his head on it.  :ols:

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