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Anyone ever use a training collar on their dog before?  I'm looking into getting one for The Dude, but want one that only does the vibration pulse and beeps, not actual static shock, though I might have to get one that does all three and just never use the static shock feature.  


I remember my dad had one for his lab (this was 20 years ago - can't remember the brand) and his was only one that did the vibration, which is supposed to be better as it's humane and doesn't harm/hurt the dog at all.  We got one of those anti-barking devices where it detects barks and sends out a high frequency sound for one second (like a dog whistle), which the dogs don't like to hear.  It doesn't hurt them at all and is humane, but he is inconsistent with his responses to it.


I want to keep him out all day long with me while I work (I work from home) but there are times he will hear or see something outside and will go nuts barking, even with the device sending out those high frequency sounds, he just basically says screw it and keeps barking.  I have to make a lot of phone calls at work, and they are recorded, so I can't have him barking while I'm on the phone.  


We are also getting another puppy later this year, so I need to make sure both get broken from barking.  Right now, during the day, I have to crate him upstairs in the guest room, but when he barks, it can still be heard in my office (in the process of getting someone to install french doors - office was originally the dining room).  I've put the anti-barking device up in there with him and it actually has been working great, but I don't want him in the crate that long.  I let him out multiple times during the day and during my lunch hour, so he's not up there all day long, but still, I want him to be able to roam around freely and do his thing, just as long as he ain't barking lol.


Anyone got any suggestions?

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51 minutes ago, Dancing Bear said:

Your feline is very computer savy. It ought to go into the medical field and perform "cat"-scans!

Well she's definately




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in just a few minutes, i'll be heading to a shelter in baltimore to get one, more likely two new members of the family. 


last time i posted in this topic, i was talking about my chihuahua dachsund mix that we got from the shelter in DC about 4 1/2 years ago as a third dog to go with the jack russell weve had since she was 8 weeks old- our first dog, and a puggle my wife got from a friend who was too busy and the dog was in a crate almost all day. daphne, the jack russell, and scrappy, the puggle were great together. 


i agreed to get a third dog after visiting the shelter in giathersburg and seeing an old dog who was losing his fur. there was a sign next to him that said 'free'. he just looked at me the whole time. that dog needed a home. so we were going to get a dog like that- and older one with issues that nobody wanted. so we got taco, the dachsund mix. soon he became deaf and nearly blind. he had back issues that caused him alot of pain from time to time. he had these bumps all over his body and a recurring sore on his butt that would smell awful. besides that, the shelter said he was 7 1/2. took him to the vet and they said more like 12 or 13. besides all that, he was perfect. 


i had said before that the first week i had him, i let him off his leash to sniff around and he started to run away as fast as he could away from me. once when i took my belt off when he was near me, he winced and yelped. soon after that, he would never leave my side. wherever i was, he had to be there. 

a couple of months ago, he was on the chair hanging out with me. i had gotten up to take a shower and i thought he was asleep. he tried to jump down to find me and he hurt his back. he was contorted and about 90 degrees and just kept yelping. it was sunday so the vet wasnt open (except the emergency vet in frederick, which id been to and it wasnt great). i had all the usual pain killers hed been prescribed before and i have him everything. they were supposed to make him drowsy, so at least he could sleep. nothing worked. i stayed up with him trying to comfort him after everyone went to bed. around one o clock i had the realization that this was it. the vet was going to prescribe the same meds i was giving him. he was almost completely blind now. he was at least 16 years old, and he wasnt happy. i was a mess. 


i took him to the vet first thing in the morning. they gave him the first injection to sedate him and he immediately looked so happy. he was no longer struggling to breathe or panting non stop. that made me happy. soon after they gave him the other stuff and he was gone. 


a few weeks ago i went on the vacation of my life to hawaii. (in laws paid, i dont have that kind of dough. OC is my spot). we had never been away from the dogs for more than 2 nights before- we took them basically everywhere we went. my niece watched daphne and clyde, the lab pit mix we got after scrappy died 3 years ago. daphne had been slowing down and acting funny. shed stand in a corner staring at nothing and seemed to not hear when i would come home. 


we got home saturday night 3 weeks ago. daphne didnt seem to notice at first, almost like she didnt recognize us. went to bed like usual. my wife woke me up at 8 and said 'i think daphne died'. there she was on the floor by the door. my baby girl i'd had for 14 years, before i was married, before i had a kid, was gone. 


its been a rough stretch. 3 months ago, i had 3 awesome dogs. now we just have clyde (who looks just like your dog, llevron- i'll have to post pics). but today, we open a new chapter and give one or two new dogs a forever home, which is pretty awesome. 

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I knew this day was coming soon. I had hoped he would have made it to his 15th birthday in October, but the cancer apparently spread to his lungs and he was coughing non-stop and bleeding from his mouth and nose. I had to let him go today. I have had 10 dogs so far and fostered over a dozen more, but Silvio will always be my all time favorite.

Good night sweet prince.




My last photo of him, taken just a couple days ago-


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