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prediction: 7 d.coordinators in 7 years?


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Watching the defense give up the lead again in the 4th quarter last night, I had a disturbing thought of how the coaching situation may shape up over the next 2 years...

1. a new defensive coordinator is brought in for next year. (#6 in 6 years).

2. SOS comes back for one more year.

3. SOS calls it quits AFTER next year.

4. new coach brings in his own choice for defensive coordinator (#7 in 7 years).

Ugh. I almost think it would be better to keep edwards in place as long as SOS is the coach, at least for continuity's sake. yikes.

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We all forget that up until this year Edwards was little more than a linebacker coach. Somehow during all of the hoopla we expected him to come in and lead the defense to a top 5 rating. In reality, that was near impossible.

I agree with riggo, it may be helpful to bring in an experienced DC to do some consultation work in the offseason and TC. Point out where guys were out of position due to scheme, identify players who don't understand their roles and put emphasis on teaching them what they need to do and where they need to be.

Finally, like the commentator said... maybe it's time to adjust the scheme next year to put Trotter in the position to disrupt plays and force mistakes. It's obvious he's uncomfortable sitting back and reacting to the play in front of him. He'd much further have the offense reacting to his pressure.

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If I am Edwards I get real aggresive the last four weeks of the season.

Let Arrington and Trotter play much more aggressive.

Someone tell me what we have to lose.

I knew when Hall kicked that FG last night, it wouldn't hold up.

And someone tell Champ he needs to worry about playing, not being the GM. He stunk.

We are so close in every aspect of the game, but I continue to point to the amount of time the opposing QB has back there.

Sick, just sick.

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Yes, Champ got a bad rap last night- I was at the game at he played both PI calls by the book. The first one, Horn would have scored a TD. The second, about 20 yards from my seats was absolutley a bad call. No question.

He aint worth what he says he is, but he certainly didnt stink it up.

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I agree. The second call was ridiculous.

I just think Champ will move on and that's OK with me. He is an above average CB, but between the "some guys handle losses differently"(in response to LA calling the team out), the I am worth way more than his offer and now the Edwards must stay or I am gone.

Bye Champ, I thought you'd be a Redskin for life.

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Some defensive coordinators are so good, that they dont really need all the talented guys everywhere. Like the Eagles or Pats.

Doesnt really matter who they plug in their system at LB or any secondary position. It still works. They just need a D Line and the rest doesnt matter.

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