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What a great day, friends. The birds are chirping, fall has arrived, the Skins are going to let their only franchise QB in the last 30 years walk, and the Philadelphia Eagles are the best young team in the NFL. 


Wentz is now ready to demonstrate that he is a top-5 QB now that he has some weapons on offense. Weapons!  Every time the Birds punt I think they are just taking it easy on the other team. 


Good game today. Was it ever really in doubt?  Was there ever a moment where you truly believed the Skins were going to win?  Me neither. Defense was dominate. Refs clearly were trying to keep the Washington Football Team in the game. Without a tipped pass fluke play, we are probably all recounting a 30 point blowout. No big deal. 


Sorry I haven't been around in awhile. I was deployed to Iraq for the last 9 months. I look forward to talking football this season as the Eagles potentially win the NFL Championship for the fourth time in their history. 

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2 hours ago, TheGreatBuzz said:

I'd be fine with Westy and his dumb threads if he at least came back and took his lumps afterwards.  But the fact he doesnt just makes him a terrible troll.  I vote ban.

There used to be a shred of legitimacy to him. He actually would post regularly, yes even after Eagle defeats and humiliating season finishes(which there have been plenty of).


Honestly I think the real WB36 actually no longer posts and a mod or something has taken over the account to provide us with epic troll lulz.

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