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2018 Comprehensive NFL Draft Thread


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1 minute ago, bh32 said:

Sean was a elite talent,but just look how much draft picks and salary cap we have invested in DB's and it hasen't done **** for this defense


Josh norman is leaving soon, nicholson is injury prone but promising. We JUST went Dline last year. Don't force the issue

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Meh. Guessing James. 


I just think Landry is elite, at a more positionally important spot. And this team needs an elite edge rusher opposite of Kerrigan. 


Even when Irakpo was here, we didn't have it. Been a long time infact. 


We got a stable full of pick up trucks. Isuzus. 

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1 minute ago, ConnSKINS26 said:

Pretty happy the Bucs took Vea off the board for us, I was a little worried we'd get stuck on wanting a DL and take him over better talent. Still could make that mistake with Payne I guess.


I'm rooting for James or Edmunds

Gonna be pissed if James ends up in Dallas

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