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2018 Comprehensive NFL Draft Thread


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I am thinking the same thing -- we've heard to death the Redskins love Minkah so i am sure so has GB.  At the very least GB should know if Minkah falls the Redskins will likely stop the fall at 13.


Robbie Duncan @RobbieDuncanOL
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Packers must be certain that the Redskins will take Minkah at 13. Hence why they're trying to jump ahead of them.

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not seeing the Payne comparisons to Suh, Suh is arguably the most dominating defensive player in college over the past 30 years 


I really want a trade down to have 3 top 44 picks to fill our 3 huge needs


if we stay at 13 hopefully one of the top 10 guys fall and we go BPA


agree with Monk about Rosen. He's the best QB IMO. Those concussion issues are the biggest concern

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2 minutes ago, Monk4thaHALL said:

Josh Rosen is the best QB in the class. I expect him to go #2 to the Giants. 


If there's any slip where he gets outside of the top 5, that's one, if not the only, scenario where I'm tempted to trade up. 


There is a legit chance he makes it to 13. If he does and we pass my head will explode.

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10 minutes ago, Malapropismic Depository said:


They don't really give them 10 minutes to make the first pick, do they ?

That's laughable.


they give the the time, yep.  Like the announcer said, the Browns are going on the clock, not making the pick

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2 minutes ago, carex said:

there is no excuse for this.  They had since the end of December!


The Browns aren't "using" the time. They do this to give the broadcast time early in the first round, they did the same thing last year and every year. 

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No surprise, McCloughan and his GB scouting tree buddies love Mayfield, he was vocal about it before he was hired by the Browns. Comped him to Favre. Not surprised that brain trust ended up leaning Mayfield's way. 


Plus Mayfield's name started circulating as the pick out of nowhere the moment they told Hue Jackson what the board looked like. Its clear he's a huge media leak, and the narrative of him having buddies in the media invested in him keeping his job was strong after the season ended so its no surprise. 

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