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2018 Comprehensive NFL Draft Thread


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Top 5 needs on this team are (in no particular order):


Starting WR -> Need a free agent here - a seasoned proven WR who can contribute right away. For external FA targets, Allen Robinson would be at the top of my board. My guess is his value comes down a little due to the knee injury. Given that they already have Hurns, Westbrook and Lee and are winning, the Jags just might let him hit the market. If we can't get him, then make a play for Marqise Lee or Jarvis Landry


Starting RB - Get this guy in the draft in one of the first two rounds. It's great that Perine had a good game but he is not a home run hitter.


Centerfielder FS - I like Nicholson but the guy just can't stay healthy and now he's had 2 concussions in a single season. At the very least, I'd target a guy in the first 3 rounds who can at least compete for a starting job Day 1 with Nicholson and Smithson


Interior OL - Lavao sucks and Long & Roullier are just solid. Whether it is center or guard, I'd make a play early for a guy who would be solid Day 1 and can build toward becoming dominant down the line.


Blocking TE - This has really killed the run game this year. None of Reed, Davis and Paul can be relied upon to block on these outside runs and that is part of what has hurt the run game this year. We really just need a Logan Paulsen type here who can come in on some running downs.




Let's make room for a pure FB. This, in and of itself, will help out the run game. Heck, give it a shot now. Darrel Young is a free agent - go pick him up

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4 out of 5 throws Darnold makes, you’re like “Holy ****, this kid is special.”  Then that 5th throw it’s “Jesus what a stupid ****ing decision.”


I’m antsy about Darnold.  He’s the most talented passer in the class by a mile.  Aaron Rodgers level arm talent.  But he’s the one doing the least with the most.  I am worried he’s not smart enough to play the position at an elite level in the NFL.

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On 11/18/2017 at 6:46 PM, Momma There Goes That Man said:

How about Baker not getting a handshake from Kansas at the coin toss and then proceeding to stare down the Kansas sideline, grab his dick and scream “**** you” at them? 




Like I said. ****ing. Sold.


I love his fire and competitiveness.


Maybe not all the way full crotch grab but yeah the **** you is what I want to see from the guy in charge. I bet big Trent would see that and be like "**** yeah this is my guy right here"


Not saying he doesn't for Kirk, just that his teammates feed off that.

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Big pass for me on Mayfield and Darnold. Not that anyone asked. 


Cousins is my QB. fwiw.


There are two collegiate QBs who have been on my list for the last few years, who would be late round prospects to compete for a #3QB roster spot:

Mike White - W.Kentucky

Kyle Lauletta - Richmond 


I've been talking about Lauletta since 2015 and White since last year 2016.   

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To be honest I don't know what to do with our RB position. If Perine shows growth and CT is healthy...what kind of back do you want then? I like a type that can run for 1 yard but also bring some break away speed. I'm not sure if Love is that type. He looks more like a cutting guy, not power.


But you might be able to use Perine as power back. Don't know. 


Scott of Michigan State intrigues me. First glance he looks power back but sometimes he shoes crazy athletic ability. There might be more there. Could see him do well in combine and suprice people. 

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On 11/19/2017 at 5:32 PM, SlkyCaramel said:

Definitely time to up this thread cause the playoffs aren't happening. 


Which rookie QB will be the Skins starting QB next year? 


Hopefully none.   As for what QBs will be available within the range of the Redskins pick:  I guess the hottest name would be Mason Rudolph.  The Bills apparently took last draft's "next Kirk Cousins" according to some draft geeks with N. Peterson and he's off to a rousing start. :)  This season 2018 version of Kirk Cousins to some is Luke Falk. 


I've watched Rudolph in some games this season but haven't really studied him.  I just took a look at what some have said about him which brings home to me the unpredictable crap shoot nature of drafting guys who aren't the obvious Andrew Luck type talents.



“He’s got good size,” was the positive an AFC personnel exec found before echoing the sentiment, “but his arm strength is lacking and he’s inconsistent with his accuracy.”

Added an area scout: “Not as good as the media wants everyone to believe; he’s a Day 3 guy. His accuracy isn’t as good as the numbers show—his receivers make a lot of tough catches for him. Arm strength is adequate, not tops. What’s the difference between him and Bryce Petty?”


Now it would be cool if we can land a QB that can play like Kirk Cousins.  Maybe we get lucky? I haven't really watched Falk much.  The PAC 12 isn't hot this season so he might not be an easy evaulation.  :)



Former NFL scout Daniel Jeremiah, now an analyst with NFL.com compares him to Redskins quarterback Kirk Cousins. That's not a bad comp player. Jeremiah adds, "If Falk can add a little strength, I think he's going to be a long-term starter at the next level."



On 11/19/2017 at 7:42 PM, Monk4thaHALL said:


However he's not being talked about heavily in circles and I believe not mentioned here once. So I need to be careful of @Gibbs Hog Heaven because he's a sneaky one. 


As for Bryce Love, I mentioned him earlier in the thread.  The dude is explosive.  But as I said then, do we already have that guy on the roster with Chris Thompson?  Love is explosive, multiuple 30 plus yard runs this season.   He has a low center of gravity, slippery, great balance and speed.  He has good hands.  He is also under 200 pounds so like Chris Thompson, I am not sure he'd be durable as the go to guy. 


I was a big Dalvin Cook and Kamara guy on the thread last year. I took Kamara in the 2nd round in the board's draft.  It pained me to go to the game on Sunday and see all the Saint fans wearing Kamara jerseys. I like Ryan Anderson but I'd take Kamara over him.  You could argue Love is more explosive than Kamara -- though Kamara has a little more size to him.  Having said that, I'd kill for more explosion in the running game.  And Sunday as a testament, it doesn't hurt to have two undersized but explosive backs.   My man crush at the moment is Guice but I am wondering if he is still on the board when the Redskins pick.


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13 hours ago, Long n Left said:

Ralph Webb and Martez Carter are a couple of mid round prospects that intrigue me.


I'll check them out.   With Perine being a bruiser am liking the idea of adding a shifty, quick back.   I haven't watched S. Miss at all.  But I noticed Ito's getting some hype.   He's a fun watch at least as to highlight film -- quick, elusive.



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On 11/16/2017 at 8:25 PM, ShredSkins said:

Big OU fan here. Hate Ok-State. I'd be all for this. The idea of Doctson and Washington if we can keep Cousins would be exciting.


 I also like Baker Mayfield obviously, but his deep throws would scare me in the NFL. It always seems like his receivers will have a few steps on their guy and have to come back and fight for the ball when it falls short. He also has tendency to look for big plays instead of taking what the defense gives him which will probably get him sacked a lot at the next level, although he has really improved on that this season. But that is one thing I like about the idea of Baker in the NFL is that every year at OU he has improved. In previous years the passing game relied solely on Dede Westbrook and Sterling Shepard the year before that. This year it seems like a different receiver is making huge plays every other game. I wouldn't fear the Manziel/RG3 past with Mayfield, he reminds me of like a Philip Rivers as far as attitude.


That's just my take as a Sooner fan. If we do lose Cousins, I'll be all in for Mayfield.

Regarding Mayfield, I totally agree.  He’s not anything like Manziel.  He puts in the work and all his teammates love him and his leadership skills.  I believe in terms of attitude, Rivers is a good comparison.  

On 11/19/2017 at 8:42 AM, pray4surf said:

He has prototypical size and arm strength.  Pair him with a good QB coach and OC and he'll flourish.  


IMO Jared Goff wasn't very impressive in college and after last season a lot were calling him a bust.  This year he's playing at a pro bowl level.  

McVays a genius.

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Here's Bruglers' first mock



1. Cleveland Browns -- Sam Darnold, QB, USC 
The Browns' search for a long-term answer at quarterback will continue into the offseason. If Darnold declares (and that is a big "if"), he boasts the instincts and intangibles that will put him in the running for the top pick. 

2. San Francisco 49ers -- Bradley Chubb, DE, N.C. State 
While not on the same level as Myles Garrett a year ago, Chubb is arguably the best defensive prospect in the 2018 class. His combination of athleticism, power and energy makes him a home-wrecker off the edge. 

3. New York Giants -- Josh Rosen, QB, UCLA 
The Giants don't expect to be drafting in the top three very often so it shouldn't be a shock if they strike while the iron is hot and get the future quarterback of the franchise. Rosen is far from a clean prospect, but his natural passing skills and arm talent are starter quality. 

4. Indianapolis Colts -- Minkah Fitzpatrick, CB, Alabama 
Entering his second draft, Colts' general manager Chris Ballard has plenty of holes to fill. Fitzpatrick has the versatile athleticism and make-up to quickly establish himself as the leader of Indianapolis' defense. 

5. Denver Broncos -- Quenton Nelson, OG, Notre Dame 
Denver has major question marks at quarterback, but the offensive line also needs help regardless of who is under center. Nelson is a plug-and-play guard with Pro Bowls in his future. 

6. Chicago Bears -- Carlton Davis, CB, Auburn 
Chicago lacks playmakers on the outside at cornerback and needs to find upgrades this offseason. An ascending talent, Davis has the size, speed and physicality to match up well with NFL receivers. 

7. Cincinnati Bengals -- Connor Williams, OT, Texas 
Neither Cedric Ogbuehi or Jake Fisher, the Bengals top two draft picks from the 2015 draft class, have lived up to their draft selection, and Cincinnati needs to move on. Williams has missed most of this season with a knee injury, but his skill-set is first-round worthy. 

8. Arizona Cardinals -- Josh Allen, QB, Wyoming 
Like numerous NFL teams, the Cardinals have invested a lot of time scouting the Wyoming quarterback as they search for the future face of the franchise. While undeveloped in several areas, Allen has the physical traits that will drive his draft value into the top-15 selections. 

9. New York Jets -- Saquon Barkley, RB, Penn State 
The Jets need to invest in offensive playmakers this offseason, regardless of position. With his ability to impact the game rushing and receiving, Barkley gives New York a weapon that changes the identity of the offense. 

10. Oakland Raiders -- Derwin James, SS, Florida State 
The Raiders secondary has been a mess this season with issues at cornerback and safety. James has the athleticism and position flexibility that would help mask some of those problems. 

11. Los Angeles Chargers -- Baker Mayfield, QB, Oklahoma 
Philip Rivers is currently in his age 36 season and in the near future, the Chargers must invest in his replacement. Mayfield won't be for everyone, but his skill-set and competitive fire will get him drafted in round one. 

12. Cleveland Browns (from Houston) -- Calvin Ridley, WR, Alabama 
If quarterback is need No. 1 for Cleveland, a playmaking wideout is a close No. 2 on the priority list. Ridley has the dynamic play speed and route-running to create his own separation -- before and after the catch. 

13. Miami Dolphins -- Mike McGlinchey, OT, Notre Dame 
Although the Dolphins picked up the 2018 option for Ja'Wuan James, his future with the franchise is very much in doubt. McGlinchey isn't a dominant player, but he can be a reliable NFL starter and help stabilize the Miami offensive line. 

14. Tampa Bay Buccaneers -- Arden Key, DE/OLB, LSU 
The Buccaneers have struggled to muster any consistent pass rush this season and need to upgrade the edge. Key is a complicated prospect for several reasons, but when his gas tank is full, the LSU rusher consistently disrupts the pocket. 

15. Washington Redskins -- Courtland Sutton, WR, SMU 
The Terrelle Pryor experiment has been a failure and Washington needs to upgrade the receiver position opposite Josh Doctson. Sutton lacks seasoning, but he plays the position like a power forward and has a very high ceiling. 

16. Dallas Cowboys -- Roquan Smith, LB, Georgia 
The Cowboys are a very different team when Sean Lee is on the injury report, and Anthony Hitchens is a free-agent-to-be, putting linebacker high on Dallas' offseason wish list. Although a tick undersized, Smith is a magnet to the ball with the athleticism and instincts that translate well to the pro game. 

17. Buffalo Bills -- Maurice Hurst, DT, Michigan 
Buffalo needs to rebuild the defensive line, and Hurst offers position flexibility to line up inside or outside. Regardless of position, his initial surge and hustle will create disruption for offenses. 

18. Green Bay Packers -- Harold Landry, DE/OLB, Boston College 
With the future of Clay Matthews Jr. in a Packers' uniform in doubt, Green Bay will be looking to add another pass rush option to the arsenal. Landry has the get-off quickness and natural flexibility to wrap the corner and penetrate the pocket. 

19. Detroit Lions -- Ronnie Harrison, SS, Alabama 
The Lions could use an enforcer with the range and aggressive nature that Harrison brings to the field. He is a better run defender than vs. the pass, but he has steadily progressed with his cover assignments. 

20. Atlanta Falcons -- Da'Ron Payne, DT, Alabama 
With Dontari Poe currently on a one-year deal, the Falcons could be in the mix for a versatile defensive tackle in the early rounds. Payne is "Ndamukong Suh light" with his diverse skill-set to win with athleticism or power. 

21. Baltimore Ravens -- Derrius Guice, RB, LSU 
When healthy, Guice can be a difference-maker with the ball in his hands due to his quick feet and run violence. The Ravens have been mixing and matching the running back position in recent years, but Guice would give Baltimore with a true three-down player and a shot of energy on offense. 

22. Tennessee Titans -- Christian Wilkins, DT, Clemson 
Tennessee's defensive front isn't generating enough pressure on the quarterback and Wilkins, who can line up inside or outside, has the athletic profile that NFL teams covet on the defensive line. 

23. Seattle Seahawks -- Joshua Jackson, CB, Iowa 
One of the breakthrough prospects this season, Jackson leads college football in ball production (24 passes defended) and has the size, length and instincts that will fit well in Seattle. 

24. Carolina Panthers -- Denzel Ward, CB, Ohio State 
The Panthers have received mixed results from their current group of cornerbacks and should be looking for upgrades. Ward doesn't have ideal size, but he is an elite athlete with the speed and twitchy movements to blanket receivers. 

25. Buffalo Bills (from Kansas City) -- Clelin Ferrell, DE, Clemson 
After taking Hurst earlier in the first round, the Bills double-dip on the defensive line. Ferrell, who leads Clemson with 7.5 sacks, is just scratching the surface of his ability. 

26. Jacksonville Jaguars -- Lamar Jackson, QB, Louisville 
Blake Bortles has played well enough to help the Jaguars win games, but it is hard to see Jacksonville going deep in the playoffs with the current quarterback situation. Jackson is an electric athlete with promising arm talent, giving the Jaguars a succession plan at the position. 

27. Los Angeles Rams -- Isaiah Oliver, CB, Colorado 
Regardless if Trumaine Johnson returns beyond this season, the Rams need help at the cornerback position. Oliver is a classic press-man corner with the ball instincts that could land him in round one. 

28. Minnesota Vikings -- Vita Vea, DT, Washington 
The Vikings are always looking to add depth in the trenches. Vea is an interesting prospect because his combination of power and athleticism for a 340-pounder are rare, but he is still figuring out how to use all his tools in conjunction. 

29. Pittsburgh Steelers -- Tarvarus McFadden, CB, Florida State 
After earning All-American honors as a sophomore, McFadden entered the season as a possible top-10 pick. While he hasn't played nearly to that level as a junior, the Florida State product still boasts the traits that NFL teams seek in first-round cornerbacks. 

30. New Orleans Saints -- Sam Hubbard, DE/OLB, Ohio State 
Pass rusher might not be the No. 1 need for the Saints, but with Alex Okafor's recent injury, the Saints should be open to adding more talent at the position. Hubbard is a smart, athletic edge player who will be a consistent NFL performer. 

31. New England Patriots -- Marcus Davenport, DE/OLB, UTSA 
An athletic big man with a hoops background, Davenport has the edge speed and physical attitude to grow into a terror as a pass rusher. He is still patching together a consistent pass rush sequence, but he instantly upgrades the Patriots' front-seven. 

32. Philadelphia Eagles -- Martinas Rankin, OT, Mississippi State 
With Jason Peters coming off ACL surgery and turning 36 years old in the offseason, the Eagles would be wise to upgrade the offensive tackle position if Halapoulivaati Vaitai doesn't lock down the position. Rankin might not have any special qualities, but he is a well-rounded blocker who projects as a steady NFL starter. 

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