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Here's something kind of depressing


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Just in case anyone out there was getting overly optimistic and overly ****y about our 4 wins, do you guys realize how close we are to being 0-12 ? Each of our 4 wins was truly by a hair, and you could take away just 1 lucky play in each of those games, so take away 4 plays all year and we'd be 0-12. Makes me want to go have another :40oz:

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keep beating that drum M -

how about us with no ramsey, samuels, champ with a busted hand.

Or the middle of season stretch without any of our runningbacks and starting dockery when fiore went down? No smoot either.

That bug bites both ways too.

We are what we are, and people need to stop making excuses for this team and realize that we have been playing at exactly our talent level.


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More depressing:

2004 Salaries:

Arrington - $6,360,000

Samuels - $5,132,000

Trotter - $2,700,000

Wynn - $2,000,000

Armstead - $1,500,000

Dalton - $1,400,000

Jansen - $1,400,000

Moore - $1,300,000

Fiore - $1,100,000

Thomas - $1,000,000

Noble - $1,000,000

Upshaw - $1,000,000

Going to be a whole bunch of turnover AGAIN for next year.

Arrington, Samuels and Trotter have to be reworked. Jansen, Thomas, and Upshaw (because of signing bonus) will get their money, everybody else is gone.

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This team is all it will ever be and that is a distraction. They stink and they always will. It is our fault as fans to continue to care. The problem is it is profitable to be bad. Everyone still comes to the games, they still buy the jerseys. Snyder realizes that he does not have to floor a winner, just drama and excitement. But dont worry the Skins best part of the year is comming up...it starts in February and goes till the first preseason game. That is where we get all excited about all the changes that we made over the off season and think we are going to be good again. Hell we have even won Super Bowls in the offseason! If you want to root for a team that is a contender...you picked the wrong city. The Redskins are just a bad joke and the fans are the punchline.

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Samuels is gone. Too bad.. but with a 6 million dollar cap hhit next year.....I cannot see it.

I mean really. I was expecting Winey to get killed and yet I think that the Oline is playing better as a unit...connection?

I cannot beign to guess but at that salary you would expect some IMPACT!

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This franchise is a mess and it starts in the front office with that ego maniac Snyder as long as he insists on meddling in football operations, insists on being the GM we are doomed.

See, I don't buy this. I think you build off of the fact that we are playing a close game virtually every week. This is a building block if we keep our coaching staff and core of players....

It's happened several times in the past. Just last year, KC was losing close games and just getting outscored...they learned to win eventually.

To say that our franchise is just a mess would seem foolish based on the fact that we're making a tackle here and catching an INT there away from a decent record...

Remember in 2000 when we all though coaching was holding us back? Well we fired Norv (after losing some close games) and look at the outcomes of the next couple of games. Total blowouts!

Now, I think some of you guys would be shocked just how bad we could look if things were to start all over again.

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Originally posted by Park City Skins

8 games by 4 points or less.

10 by 7 points or less.

How much do you change and what do you change to fix that problem?

I guess Spurrier is going to get his chance to really earn his money.

That's the NFL. The good teams find a way to have a winning record within those parameters. You've seen it with the Chiefs this year. The bad teams don't. But the days of, for example, a 49'ers dynasty routing an average team are over. Most games are going to be decided by 7-10 points or less over the course of the season.
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