Presidential Election:11/3/20- On to Nevada 2/22 & South Carolina 2/29

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Just now, thegreaterbuzzette said:

Yes employers get to pick what plans if any they offer. Some offer phenomenal plans and pay 100% premiums. Others offer the crappiest plans allowable by ACA (often labeled catastrophic plans) which actually end up requiring low wage earners to pay more out of pocket then if they had no insurance at all.


So we agree then?  I wasn't a fan of options on the ACA exchanges when they first came out, let alone now.  It will hard to get my support for removing private insurance unless they plan to make sure Medicare can match those phenomenal plans.  It's already been shown in here how many countries with universal health care still have private insurance, doesn't have to be all or nothing, and its good most of them support it.

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3 minutes ago, Nerm said:


I don't follow much of news about these issues as a public policy debate.  So, I am not sure what solutions are being proposed.  As a practical matter, however, paying providers less for the time they spend treating mental health issues will reduce the number of people willing to spend time providing treatment.

My last insurance my psychiatrist was $100 every visit in-network and kept going because I didn't meet my deductible.  There's gotta be another way, its turning people away.


I'm hoping the whole hospital and practice closing thing comes up again, someone has to make clear how they plan to keep the medical industry from contracting the way so many are predicting without protecting them.  The common diss for this idea is the lines will get longer, won't the additional patients help off-set the price cuts?

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1 hour ago, twa said:


Carter was big on plans and the belief govt could make things better, intelligence does not equal leadership or even the right path.


He had good intentions though. :pint:




A lot of what Carter did was actually rollback government interferences in the free market that had been instituted under Nixon (and earlier) (lifted the regulations on domestic oil, trucking, and the airlines).


Carter was against nationalized healthcare.


And government does generally make things better.  Certainly, things are better here than countries without (functional) governments.

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22 minutes ago, Rdskns2000 said:

Think the Yang is more like Kang??





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If it keeps being a trainwreck like this, I'm gonna turn it off.  This seems like the GOP debates.  Who can yell the loudest.


Okay, Harris just did a good job there.

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