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Presidential Election: 11/3/20 ---Now the President Elect Joe Biden Thread

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She can fake being stunned all she wants, it's the lack of follow ups and actual challenging of what is clearly nonsense, that shows where her actual loyalty lies. And I do emphasize the word "lies"

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3 minutes ago, tshile said:

I may be a little more fluent in Fox News than you... that wasn’t Laura Ingram being stunned that trump was throwing a conspiracy theory out


that was her feigning being stunned, so that trump could reaffirm that this is happening and he just can’t talk about it 


and those people eat that **** up. It’s crazy. I guarantee you I will hear “and they sent those thugs on the planes” from people in the next week or so


I'm proud not be aware of her style at all and I don't know whether to laugh about them eating it up or cry about them eating it up. The clips I saw it does look like she guides him through parts. Like comparing shooting a guy in the back and missing a putt. 

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Exactly. She let him rant on about details that are shrouded in secrecy cause it’s being investigated and it’s federal government ****, but trump wants to reassure the people they’re on it and those guys aren’t gonna get away with it. 

ive watched enough of this **** with enough Fox News watchers to know that was staged out completely. 

and the viewers eat it up. They live in a different world. They’re legit brainwashed. They don’t question anything on that channel. 

5 minutes ago, Hersh said:

I'm proud not be aware of her style

Trust me. I’m not proud to be aware of how that channel works. It’s... if you watched it daily for 5-6 weeks I bet you’d easily figured it all out.  None of it is difficult. It’s just the sheer volume of it and keeping track and occasionally being stunned at the audacity, and watching it work. 

And the correct answer is you should be crying. That group of people is the most reliable voting bloc in the country. And they’re so far gone you can’t expect any reasoning with them. There’s no come to Jesus moment for them waiting down the road. 

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Oh. Stupid little story


went to a trump boat parade this past weekend. Apparently they were at a lot of lakes around the country. It was early morning and weather later looked like **** so we went for a ride and went to see the parade and wound up in the parade. I expected like 15 boats. No we counted at least 60 by the time we had enough and there were easily 30+ that decided they were done before we counted. The docks were lined with people cheering and waving flags all down the lake. It’s a big lake. We only went through like 1/6 of the lake. 

it was insane (also completely fits the demo of the region)

those people love flags man. Everyone had like 6 trump flags flying off their boat. 


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I enjoy kayak fishing, and there have been entirely too many people, boaters I mean, on the water this year.  The peaceful quiet has been disrupted.  Got to be there at sunrise to avoid the noise.  It makes sense though because on the water social distancing sort of takes care of itself.  It’s the one set of activities that didn’t really change.  

A lot of noobs trying out fishing this year too trying to find something to do.  

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For the sake of saving time to quote Vis post, I'm just waiting on him to say the N word. He wants to say it really bad, and I wish he would say it to get it over with. Can he just land the damn plane already? I couldn't watch anymore of that interview @visionary



Case in point. He still is using this angle of low income housing. We all know what he is trying to say. 



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Trump claims the "biggest headwind" preventing Big Ten football from happening this fall is "Democrats" -- not the coronavirus pandemic


Switching descriptor from Chinese Virus to Democratic Virus in 3 ... 2 ... 1 ...

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