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Presidential Election: 11/3/20 ---Now the President Elect Joe Biden Thread

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7 minutes ago, LadySkinsFan said:

It would have been perfect if the presidential seal had fallen from the table.


I saw that happen at a criminal justice conference during a keynote address by a deputy attorney general many years ago.  The Department of Justice seal fell right off the front of the podium then rolled noisily away across the concrete floor. 


Credit to the fast-on-his-feet DAG, who made a humorous remark (which I can't recall) in response, which brought laughter from the audience and bailed everyone out of an awkward moment.

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37 minutes ago, Destino said:

Donald Trump, having failed to prove any of his wild allegations in court, unsealed a top secret envelop labeled Election Plan Phase 2: The Ol Switcheroo.




He's going to use vampire rules for the next time. Biden can only enter the White House if invited in.

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Considering he has the DoJ at his disposal and his nose for election fraud, you would think Trump would have sent some investigators in to collect some evidence. 


He is completly trashing all election officials.  I can't tell if the all GOP state members are appeasing him like the MI delegation... but its ridiculous...


Or maybe a military invasion of those cities.  


I never thought I could consider a President inherently anti American.... yet here we are and here so many cheer him on.


Cult 45!!

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