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Presidential Election: 11/3/20 ---Now the President Elect Joe Biden Thread

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1 hour ago, Barry.Randolphe said:

if I'm ever in charge of hiring and I see the **** stain on someone's resume that they worked in this administration, you can bet they aren't getting hired.

But there are plenty of employers who will consider it a qualification. 

They're evil. That's why they'd want it. But evil exists.  

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4 minutes ago, visionary said:




Then do something about it Mitt!!!!!   Whiney tweets mean nothing!!  Get other Senators and make that stupid POS concede!!!  Put your big boy pants and do your ****ing job!!!  So tired of these perimeter republicans who say - oh this is horrific and then they don't do a thing about it!!!  That's the cowards way out!!  

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7 hours ago, hail2skins said:

Assign a percentage, in your opinion, that Trump will somehow still be president on 1/21/2021. 

By law: 0%

If by 1/21/2021 he's still ruling anything else than his panties, he'll be a dictator.


5 hours ago, Bang said:

Just checkin' in to see how it's going.

Trump refusing to accept results, egging on conspiracy theories, screaming foul, using every legal trick there is and now his legal team are exhorting militias to prepare to take back their  country?



Well, that seems about as expected. 

Hope you got ready for the fun.



That's what he's been doing for 4 years...

Can't say I'm surprised, but that's the kind of situation where I hate being right.

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I need a press conference in prime time from Joe Biden ASAP. Declare yourself the clear winner based on confirmed vote totals in every state. Be firm that you are the president elect and it is on the state electors to uphold American democracy and follow the will of the voters. Nobody is above America. Also discuss how failure to accept this election is holding up progress for America. National security reports are delayed, he can’t coordinate the vaccine manufacturing and distribution. 

He needs to get out on this and shut it down 

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