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Presidential Election: 11/3/20- Joe Biden vs Donald Trump

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2 minutes ago, bearrock said:


He'll pass with flying colors.  I doubt his bio markers will go even a tick off when lying.


I would think the test wouldn't work if you actually believe your lies...George Costanza is correct in that regard.

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39 minutes ago, Wildbunny said:

Exactly, Trump answers will be:

A - Fake News

B - A Lie

C - [Insert Insult here]

D - Blame someone else


There's also going to be a gigantic amount of lying about Trump's own record.  


We will be told that Trump has created the greatest economy in the history of the world.  The fact that he inherited a growing economy, doubled the deficit, started three trade wars, and turned it into an economy that grew 20% slower than when he took office will not be mentioned.  


We will be told that Trump executed the strongest response to Corona in human history, because Trump shut down the economy to fight it.  We will also be told that every single bit of the economic downturn was caused by Democrats who shut down the economy in direct violation of Trump's orders.  The fact that these claims contradict each other will not be mentioned.  


We will be told that Donald Trump has personally submitted a plan to provide health care that protects pre existing conditions.  The fact that the only proposal that he's actually supported did exactly the opposite will not be mentioned.  Neither will the fact that he has ordered the DOJ to go to court to try to get the Judicial branch to throw out the law which actually grants those protections already.  


We will be told that Trump is a Man's Man who has made America respected and feared internationally.  The fact that we are now at the point that most of the world would rather watch the Ayatollah of Iran get his hands on nuclear weapons than work with Donald Trump will not be mentioned.  


Trump will brag about whatever EO it was that he just issued that supposedly promotes racial equality for African Americans.  The fact that this EO came out less than a week after he unilaterally halted all diversity training in the government will not be mentioned.  


Trump will refer to himself as the Law & Order candidate.  The fact that he fired the head of the FBI for not promising that he would make sure that the national security investigation he was running wouldn't mention that Trump's campaign was involved in it, will not be mentioned.  




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1 hour ago, redskins59 said:

How do you debate a guy who basically lies every sentence?  Biden will stick to the truth, the other guy won't.

It will be difficult.  

Use it to your advantage and spend the whole night telling people where they can go to find the truth, how and show the contrast. 

basically let him lie, be prepared with links. 

Same way you do it on here. Make your position and policy known and then continually knee cap his. 

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10 minutes ago, Springfield said:

So I wonder... what kind of drugs is Trump on?


he’s gotta be an adderall junkie, right?

According to his own desk drawer, it's ephedrine from the UK. 

Which is great stuff. It made me concentrate and analyze better, before being declared illegal here.  It clearly doesn't work the same for everyone. 

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Biden just has to offer a drug test in exchange for tax returns released.  Very simple.  Tweet it out once and then never address it again because you know Trump won't release his tax returns.   Engaging in this nonsense as if it is a real thing is what Trump thrives on, that is why he keep saying the drugs thing.  It's dumb, it's a distraction and Trump would rather talk about that than anything of substance.

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Presidential Debate Commission co-chair Frank Fahrenkopf Jr. said he doesn't expect Fox News anchor Chris Wallace or any of the other moderators to fact-check President Trump or Joe Biden at the debates.


1)  They haven't for four years.  


2)  They're not superhuman.  

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20 minutes ago, Wildbunny said:

He paid $750 in 2017 while being President?


You guys could at least pay your President decently! 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣


It's an hourly wage lol...he doesn't get paid for time spent on the golf course or watching TV.

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40 minutes ago, NoCalMike said:

Trumps supporters: Cheating on taxes is a sign of a good businessman!

You joke but that’s what I get when I confront Conservative work roomie with the crimes Cohen went to jail for doing for Trump. “Hey he’s smart you have to know how to work the system” 

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  • Rdskns2000 changed the title to Presidential Election: 11/3/20- Joe Biden vs Donald Trump

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