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Share those pics part 2


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Okay. So the last one was archived and it's been awhile since we've seen anything from folks. Keep in mind,this just isn't for pros or advanced folks. It's fun. That and we could use a nice,fun"gallery" to wander through in the Tailgate when we need a break from the,well,you know.  

Okay. It's been an "active" year so far for wildfires in the West to say the least. This Fire,(the Preacher Fire),was about.....10 miles or so down the highway from me. I went to take pics of the fight against it and thought it was all but out. Sucker was stubborn though and blew containment. It blew right the hell up.  Got within a couple of miles of it and took a few pics before getting the hell out of the way when they started evacuations in the area. 
















Yeah. Bonus waterfall shot from a picnic and pics date night with my lovely wife. 



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Cool. Nice pics all. :)


A "hidden" waterfall about 150 yards off of a main road through the Sierra Nevada in one of the more popular mountain valleys in the area. Found out about it by accident really. It's mentioned in a blog about Hope Valley. Finally decided to see if it actually existed. Yep. Sure did. Huge snow year and later Winter kept the water flowing nicely most of the way through this Summer so far.  It's also protected by one of the mosquito capitals of the world. Yeeesh. Forget the repellant there and you'll need a blood transfusion before leaving. ;)



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