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Originally posted by dcogan1820

Thank you for the link. And don't worry Symbol, I 'm plotting to kill Rupert Murdoch with a rusty beercan as we speak.

Thank you, and while you're at it, can you take a trip to Washington and break the Ol' Ball Coach's knee caps and tell him to start running the ball.

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Originally posted by WarpathBrave86

But..uh...you know...Spurrier would never run on a 3rd and 6 last year...this is uh...well a new Spurrier and I mean uh..I asked Dan Snyder if he cared that ..uh..Spurrier gave up his playcalling..and uh Snyder was like..why don't you shut the hell up...and I was like uh...alright..but...Spurrier..is uh..learning how to run the ball more this season..and uh...

STFU Bill...you are getting on my last nerves

:lol: :lol:

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Saints ball going left to right

1st and 10 at 13

deuce for a yd stopped by bowen

2nd and 8

playaction pass to fullback for 8 yds stoped by trotter

3rd and 1

deuce loses a yd

holsey russell and dalton?

punt is low bobbled by morton 7 yd return

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