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Your Top 5 Movies(Overall)


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I know there's a thread for Top 10 guys movies, but I don't think we've had one for movies overall.  All kinds of movies.


So, what is your Top 5 movies of all time?


For me- My Top 5 All-Time Favorite movies:


1.  Apollo 13

2.  Mister Roberts

3.  Jurassic Park

4.  The Ten Commandments

5.  The Living Daylights

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These are my FAVORITE movies, not necessarily the ones I consider the best (eg. I think Casablanca is one of the best 

movies ever made, but I don't have that affection for it that I do for a movie like ESB).


1. Empire Strikes Back

2. Pulp Fiction

3. Godfather 2

4. LA Confidential

5. Scarface


HM: Saving Private Ryan, Jaws, Casino, Amadeus, Casablanca, Raiders of the Lost Ark, Waterworld,

        No Way Out, Star Trek 2, Captain America: Civil War


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I'm terrible at this sort of thing because I waffle so much, but...


The Princess Bride



The Adventures of Robin Hood 

Dead Poet's Society



Really, really hard not to include a Godfather, Clint Eastwood, Bond, Dark Knight and especially a Star Wars movie.  


Other honorable mentions:

The Natural

Schindler's List

Dumb and Dumber (I know, I know, but I cried like hell I was laughing so hard - caught me at just the right time in my life I guess)


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Fantasia...as a kid it tripped me out to see such free-form animated stories set to classical music with no dialogue. Still holds up to this day.






Raiders Of The Lost Ark...might be the most entertaining movie I've ever seen.






Donnie Darko...a haunting, funny, mind**** of a movie that sticks with you for days after its ended. Plus it has a Redskins game as part of the film lol...






Midnight Cowboy...Another movie that sticks with you for days afterwards...first movie I ever saw that had a severe downer of an ending...GREAT performances, too.






City Of God...almost put Pulp Fiction here but CoG is more potent because it's based on a true story. Plus the scenes with the little kids throughout the movie are just flat-out devastating.



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I cheated a bit on a #1 and 3 because I view them as one cohesive story and movie, broken into 2 parts. These are my all time favorite movies:


1) The Godfather 1-2

2) Casablanca

3) Batman Begins/The Dark Knight

4) Pulp Fiction

5) Inception

6) Jurassic Park

7) La La Land

8) Gladiator

9) On The Waterfront

10) Warrior


HM: Blood Diamond, Rocky, A Streetcar Named Desire, A Few Good Men, 3:10 to Yuma, Signs



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