Fixing the Republican Party (new material on pg 9)

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watching another, newer, clip of the body-snatcher pod-sourced replacement sen. john kennedy (you all must know him---r, lou)


soooooo i continue to hope for really icky messy events to befall every rooskie/trump-slurping goper, asap (not the rapper, which, btw, is pronounced "Ke$ha", but not to be confused with kesha)



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In the spirit of the season I'd like to see them all hung on the National Christmas Tree as decorations

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I'm feeling more and more now that you can't fix the republican party until your fix their base.


I'm trying so hard not to hate those ****ing people. People who choose conformity and authoritarianism over freedom, but yell to everyone and anyone about how much they are for freedom and respecting the flag. They yell and yell about personal responsibility and pulling yourself up by your own bootstraps, but can't even muster the ability to educate themselves, think critically, and live based upon principles rather than tribalism.


These sick, stupid people are destroying the progress we've worked so hard for and are corrupting the very institutions our military fought and died for to protect.


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