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Ready Skinsfans!!! Just two more months...


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Dont be so down, fans...the best part of the Skins season is almost upon us! That is right, February will be here before you know it and once again we will be hearing all the hype about how great we are going to be in 04! This great feeling will undoubtedly last all the way until the first preseason game when we are once again abruptly woken up to the fact that the only team that our great new Skins can beat is themselves.


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yep, I bet Vinny Cerrato is working on his next 'don't panic, we have a plan' speech right now :laugh: :laugh:

meanwhile two of the coaches that refused to interview for the Redskins job back before the 2001 season, Bill Parcells and Dick Vermeil, have their teams in first place and marching toward the playoffs at 8-3 and 10-1.

ever wonder why these veteran coaches refused to even come here for an interview?

think they saw something they didn't like?

you can't tell me that Vermeil didn't see more raw talent here than in KC.

there was no Trent Green or Priest Holmes at that point. No Johnnie Morton or Dante Hall.

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