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Moose & Squirrel v Boris & Natasha: what's the deal with the rooskies and trumpland?


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Hey. It was just a back channel communication between one person, and a second person. 

It's not like it was, say, the top three people in the campaign, clearing time on their schedules, so that they could personally meet with someone they knew to be a representative of the Russian government, for the purpose of discussing how Russia could help the campaign. 

Or, four hours after that meeting, the candidate himself, personally, on live TV, announcing that he had just made a deal, and he was gonna be getting dirt, so much beautiful dirt, on Hillary Clinton. 

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Trump Tells a Story He Says No One Has Ever Heard About Russia In Bizarre Interview


Former President and current Florida retiree Donald Trump appeared on Fox News for an interview with right-wing host Sean Hannity on Friday night, and he totally outdid himself.


The bizarre interview started off by Hannity praising Trump’s work ethic while he lives at Mar-a-Lago in retirement.


In response, Trump complained about investigations into his ties to Russia and went on to lavish praise on Russian President Vladimir Putin.






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Amid tensions with West and protests at home, Putin warns anyone threatening Russia will ‘regret it’


President Vladimir Putin issued a warning during his annual address to parliament that anyone in the international community who threatens Russia "will regret it like they've never regretted anything before."


Yet it was at home where Putin's government was being challenged Wednesday with the opposition calling for mass protests nationwide in support of jailed Kremlin critic Alexei Navalny. The last time such demonstrations took place — in January and February — major crowds turned out and more than 11,000 people were detained, according to independent rights monitors.

Rallies in Russia's eastern regions were held as Putin's speech began in Moscow. Early turnouts were modest, but the biggest crowds are expected to be in Moscow and St. Petersburg later in Wednesday evening.


Hours before the Moscow rallies, more than 200 people had been detained across 40 cities, the monitoring group OVD-Info said.


Putin foe Navalny once described prison life with dark humor. Now his messages are just dark.


In the Far East city Khabarovsk, near Russia's border with China, video on social media purported to show protesters in a square surrounded by armored vehicles and lines of masked riot police. Putin's address was broadcast on a giant screen, and the person filming the video said authorities had turned up the volume.


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