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Moose & Squirrel v Boris & Natasha: what's the deal with the rooskies and trumpland?

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^^If this is true, Barr needs to resign. Corrupt asshole. 

  • Strzok’s lawyer, Aitan Goelman, made the claim in a letter to US District Court Judge Emmet Sullivan on Monday, alleging the documents were doctored
  • According to Goelman, the notes include ‘handwritten additions’ – inserted dates – on at least two occasions that were not written by the former FBI agent
  • 'On at least one occasion, the date added is wrong and could be read to suggest that a meeting at the White House happened before it actually did,' he wrote
  • Flynn’s attorneys filed documents in September claiming they were evidence of ‘misconduct by FBI and and DOJ—playing games with the life of a hero’



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He really does want to be like Kim Jong Un, spending profligately on excess, unnecessary military might while his people suffer, unemployed, homeless and hungry.


Don’t Bring Out the Nukes


Trump’s unnecessary, self-defeating plan to rev up a nuclear arms race with Russia.

President Donald Trump is planning to rev up the nuclear arms race a few weeks into his second term, if he gets one.


The New START strategic arms-reduction treaty, signed by President Barack Obama and Russia’s then-President Dmitry Medvedev in 2010, will expire on Feb. 5 unless the two countries agree to extend it by another five years. Trump has indicated he has no interest in extending it unless the Russians make certain concessions, which have nothing to do with the treaty and which they have no interest in making.


According to Politico, aides to Trump’s arms-control envoy, Marshall Billingslea, recently asked senior military officers how long it would take to remove the few thousand nuclear warheads we have in storage and load them onto long-range bombers and submarine-based missiles, if New START expires. (The U.S. has 1,750 nuclear warheads on long-range missiles and bombers, while Russia has 1,500; both countries also have a few thousand more warheads in storage.)


One official told Politico that, by making the request public, the Trump administration was trying to create an “incentive for the Russians to sit down and negotiate.” The ploy is consistent with several of Billingslea’s remarks. In the spring, for instance, he said, “We know how to win these [arms] races, and we know how to spend the adversary into oblivion.”


If Trump is trying to put the threat on the table as a bargaining chip, he’s going into the game with a weak hand. First, especially in the COVID economy, we can’t spend any adversary into oblivion without spending ourselves into oblivion too.


Second, Russia has even more nuclear weapons in storage than the United States—about 2,700 to about 2,000. The Russians have also been modernizing several of their nuclear missiles. Under New START, Russia is required to discard the old missiles as the new ones are deployed; without New START, they could simply expand the size of their arsenal. By contrast, the United States isn’t scheduled to field any new nuclear missiles or bombers until the end of the decade.


In other words, anything Trump can threaten to do in this realm, Vladimir Putin can match and then some. Under those circumstances, Trump’s bargaining strategy is self-defeating.


Click on the link for the full article

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That whole laptop-at-the-repair-shop-turned-out-to-be-Hunter-Biden's sounded like some second rate Russian disinformation operation from the get-go.


Now that the FBI is looking into it, with any luck Rudy's October surprise will turn into his December indictment.

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