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Moose & Squirrel v Boris & Natasha: what's the deal with the rooskies and trumpland?

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I’m curious if we will get leaks from people who were involved after this is all over.  Seems like there was a lot more to do still.  I don’t get the obstruction statement at all.  

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1 minute ago, Momma There Goes That Man said:

Unless this letter is a total spin job, Mueller is letting him off. 


I think it just means that Mueller didn't believe he should/could indict Trump. That shouldn't really be surprising. We've had hints that this was the case for a long time. There was always almost no chance of Mueller indicting him. He's a very by the book dude. 


I don't buy Barr's likely spin about the SCO finding no coordination or conspiracy with Russia. There was plenty there just out in the open but they simply didn't find a specific smoking gun. So Barr is saying that means they weren't able to prove it explicitly. 

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1 minute ago, Rdskns2000 said:

It's over.  Trump is going to win reelection, easily.  


I find that hard to believe. This report (well, the report of the report) isn't going to move the needle all that much one way or the other IMO. Trumpers were always going to support him even if the Mueller report said that they had tapes of Trump literally offering Putin our nuclear codes in exchange for election help. And people who are against Trump are still going to hate the guy anyway because of all of the blatant **** he does every single day. To me the midterms are a pretty good indicator.

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This country doesn’t believe in justice. Our presidents are Kings. Nixon, Iran/contra, going to Iraq on lies, now this. No desire to actually remove or hold presidents accountable for their actions and crimes which is why it will always continue. This is a dark day.


They were never going to remove a President much less a billionaire one with 40% of the country in his palm. Just wish they had said that upfront instead of releasing all the evidence steadily over two years only to basically say it doesn’t matter, **** it because there was no “smoking gun recorded conversation”. Nobody has the balls to hold him accountable so we just move along. Can’t rock the boat


 Now they’ve handed this clown 2020 on a silver platter 


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Just now, sportjunkie07 said:

Yall gotta relax. Trump ain't going anywhere for the time being. 


The dude is spending the weekend golfing. This is a bunch of media fluff to piss yall off/entertain. 


Just enjoy the nice Sunday. The sky is not falling. 

Nah. The sky has been falling all along, it’s down here with us now.

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Important language:

"Did not establish" does not mean no evidence is present.  Criminal prosecution is a high bar.


The underlying evidence must be seen.


Also worth noting, election interference is only one aspect of potential Trump activity with foreign entities.


There were many things the Kremlin/Israel/China could have offered besides election support to Trump.  Trump wanted a tower in Moscow, and that is not something I suspect Mueller would keep in house.

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