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Moose & Squirrel v Boris & Natasha: what's the deal with the rooskies and trumpland?

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One thing I wonder is if “no additional indictments” intentionally excludes sealed indictments already filed... meaning at some point they will be unsealed and prosecuted. 


I dunno... we’ll see. I trust Mueller had enough info to sufficiently investigate what he viewed as the scope of his responsibility.

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4 minutes ago, DogofWar1 said:

The right wing spin machine is going full speed tumble dry.



Prepare to see about 1000 variations on this tweet in the coming days/weeks.


It’s why Pelosi and co have been reiterating the “no impeachment” idea... they understand what they’re up against. There could be a video of Trump giving Putin a Lewinsky in the Oval Office while reading off the nuclear codes, and Republicans would still never vote to impeach. Impeachment proceedings therefore would be a (mostly) wasted exercise that serves only to let Republicans whine about fake news or Trump Derangement or whatever so their dumb*** primary voters stay happy and stupid. 

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What the **** was Lindsey Graham doing at Mar a Lago?    



I feel like at this point closest friend should be in quotations....


I wonder if Lindsey has any neighbors he doesn't get along with....

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So here's the real worst case scenario: the Qanon guys were right but the date was off by two days. Trump and Graham are celebrating Hillary's eminent arrest by reprising "lock her up" chants in Mar a Lago. Most of us can expect knocks on our doors today.

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