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....babe draft?

Spaceman Spiff

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1 minute ago, ExoDus84 said:


Hey, if you want to field a team of transgenders for your babe draft, go for it. I won't judge you. To each his own. :ols:


All I'm saying is it would add an interesting edge to the selection process and voting for everyone.

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46 minutes ago, Spaceman Spiff said:

Keep it on topic, who wants to start this?


I might give it a shot...the fact that I telework 50% of the time now makes it easier for me to get away with the necessary research.


My one main rule would probably be reserving the right to reject participants who I don't recognize as being regular contributors to the Tailgate.  We had folks who I had never seen before take spots in the past and then never show up.

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Springy, it wasn't banned. It just got frustrating when we did the brackets. As tea pointed out...daily babe was good also. So folks stopped participating. 

The ladies at the time did their own thing too. That was what messed up some things....dudes wanted to be included in their thread. 

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47 minutes ago, Springfield said:

I thought they were dumb back then, but I wouldn't mind joining in this time around.


pretty sure there was some questionable content that got the original babe draft shut down, no?

I think the Daily Babe got shut down for questionable content.


The main problems with the Babe Drafts were people not showing up to draft, not sending pictures to be used for the brackets, and non-participants complaining that the voting brackets were clogging up the tailgate.  It never got shut down, it just got too frustrating to keep up with.

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