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How 'bout dem TERPS!!!!!!!!!


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I know at least one local football team that has character.

The situation: down 21- 7 on the road, with less than a quarter of football left, in a game they must win to get to the Gator Bowl. It's nut cutting time, time to find out if they're contenders or pretenders.

The Terps stepped up big time and in a finish as exciting as any in recent memory they manage a spectacular come back. With under 2 minutes to play they are just an extra point away from tieing the game .

That's when disaster strikes. Novak, one of the best kickers in the country, inexplicably sails one wide right. At this point many a lesser team would have been emotionally out of it and done for the day, but Fridge's bunch is made of stronger stuff than that.

Undaunted, the Terps force a turnover on NC State's next drive.

McBrien moves them steadily downfield and Novak, who just moments before was the game's goat, gains redemption by hitting a 44 yarder --that would've been good from 60-- to win the game!

Final score 23-21.


Next stop-- the gator bowl!!!

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Guest Matt Kyriacou

I'm a huge Terps fan and I loved the win for so many reasons, but I think that they need to learn to win with class......as do many teams right now.

What an incredible win though.

I am all for celebrating a big win.....and they don't come too much bigger than this one, but act like you have been there before and these Terps HAVE.

The Fridge has done an incredible job with this team in the short period that he has been here. I just don't want to see this team labled in the way that it may should things continue as they have.......

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Hey, planet.

Don't you mean 26-24?

Yes, that was one he11 of a comeback. When Novak missed that extre point, I almost had a heart attack. I am glad he had a chance to redeem himself, but I was hopeing for the Terps to score a TD, and not worry about Novak.

Then after the game, those idot Wolfpack fans throwing bottles and cups at the Terp players.

There must have been some Cleveland Brown fans in the stands.

TERPS!!!!!!!!!! Gater Bowl Bound.

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