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Guest Matt Kyriacou

Great, great win for the Terps. I am a huge Maryland fan and I have to say that I could have done without the ugly scene at the end. I was screaming at the TV for Maryland to get off of the field.

One of the top five Terp wins that I have ever witnessed though.

Fear the Turtle!

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Well, that's what a coach like the Fridge has brought to Maryland. Never give up. That simple. They are well prepared and can even overcome back fortune.

I'm glad that 44 kid from NCST fumbled. He was running his mouth all day after his runs. Maybe he'll shut up now. He alone cost his team the win. That was on him. They had a 1 point lead and all he had to do was hold onto it....even more imporant than gaining yardage.

anyways, There Terps will likely get the Gator Bowl which is swell. Doesn't matter though. Maryland is building a nice little football program at the right time. Next year its going to be a lot tougher and they need a strong Freshman class and somebody to come in and QB this machine.

Go Terps

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