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WASHINGTON — For every Redskins fan celebrating the rebound of Dustin Hopkins against the Minnesota Vikings, it’s officially time to hold your breath: long snapper Nick Sundberg hurt his back and was held out of Thursday’s practice.

Long snappers get even fan credibility than kickers and punters, but are critical to special teams success. Sundberg is one of the longest-tenured Redskins and has not missed time since 2013. He is the only snapper Hopkins and punter Tress Way have ever worked with the NFL and has been an important part of coordinator Ben Kotwica’s success.

Sundberg did not appear in practice on Thursday, so the team will scramble to find the best free agent long snappers available. If he is unable to practice Friday, look for tryouts and a possible contract to be offered to the best free agent available. The team may also keep the player with the team and not transact a deal until Saturday.


With Redskins' long snapper Nick Sundberg nursing a back injury, Washington signed former Packers long snapper Rick Lovato, per source.

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Some rather obvious mistakes in the article, besides the grammar. Dustin Hopkins and Tress Way were both on other teams and worked with other long snappers in their NFL careers.

1 hour ago, sebestian said:

In theory alone is their someone on the roster who could long snap if the long snapper of said team gets unfortunately injured?

In theory, anyone on the roster can line up at any position, so they'd be able to do it if the LS gets injured. The problem is that teams don't usually have any other players they give reps at LS since injuries there are so rare. Worst case scenario is what happened to the Raiders a few years back when the injury occurred midgame, and the guy they threw out on the field to take his place badly botched every snap he made. As long as we sign someone who does specialize in it, or if someone else on the team was actually given reps, we should be able to scrape by.

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22 minutes ago, Nfcbeasts4721 said:

It's ur fault for playing Fantasy football period!

Yeah probably.  I did ride Cousins and Reed to the super blow last season. Ha if there were a slot for a LS I would have added Sunds. #AlwaysASkinsHomerInFantasy

I dropped Hightower right before the game last night knowing he is sharing duties, only to hear this morning Ingram got concussed.  Sigh. I worked Hightower late last year as well.

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2 hours ago, justice98 said:

I would think there'd be someone on the roster who'd have done it before, even if it was just some after practice work in OTAs or training camp.  

Honestly, in such situation, I'm wondering why are they not trying to give Sullivan a few reps and make him work with Tress and Dustin for a day or two. That looks like the fastest and easiest way to solve this without having to go on a shopping spree and see what's left in the suburbs of the NFL.

He's a vet C and should be able to do some long snaps with not many time left to train.

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Well ****.




There's a potentially interesting subplot brewing for the Redskins-Packers showdown on Sunday night and it involves Redskins backup quarterback Colt McCoy's ability to long snap.

Washington's veteran long snapper Nick Sundberg, who's been with the team since 2010, tweaked a back muscle in the the weight room and didn't practice on Thursday or Friday. He's listed as questionable for Sunday's game.

As a precaution, the Redskins have brought in some free agent snappers to work out today, ESPN's John Keim reports. Of course Redskins head coach Jay Gruden would prefer to have Sundberg on the field given his experience and familiarity with place holder Tress Way.

But if Sundberg ends up playing and his back acts up, it may be Colt McCoy to the rescue.

More is covered in the article, along with Gruden's opinion McCoy. In either case, it would make for a weird day if Sundberg can't play and we don't sign anyone else.

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1 hour ago, justice98 said:

Can you imagine a DL salivating at destroying Colt on a snap?

I think there is some rule protecting centers on teams snaps.

They are going to vault him, the new rage. Which I wish we would risk trying.... not sure what the risk is, but anyways. 

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