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Trump and his cabinet/buffoonery- Get your bunkers ready!

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The Best Testament: Like One You’ll Never Believe


Trump 2020:


And Jesus the sun of Trump said something. It was incredible. It was the best something I’ve ever heard. Words like you wouldn’t believe. Not quite as good as my debate against Sleepy Joe and the wonderful answer I had about racial inequaties, but it was good...or as I like to say Super Duper. 


But, this is what he said. It is probably my favorite part, he said “Daddy” hehe, Jesus still calls me daddy, but he said, “People of Democratic Cities. My daddy sends you to hell for your lack of votes. We don’t care if you are hungry, we don’t care if you are sick. You will no longer be a burden on my daddy’s time. I now condemn you to hell you democratic satanic Biden worshippers”


And that is how I won the election against the socialists.



Donald Trump JR: 2021:



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44 minutes ago, mistertim said:



Corey Lewandowski the latest now to get COVID-19.     *crosses fingers for Stephen Miller*


Usually I wouldn't laugh at someone falling ill or wish it on others.


But this time...I really don't care, do u?



Stephen Miller had it a month ago:



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21 hours ago, Rdskns2000 said:


Presidential pardons don't work on state-level charges.



16 minutes ago, Rdskns2000 said:


It gives those yahoos one last chance to fly those stupid Trump 2020 flags. Then they can use them to wipe their tears away.

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