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Trump and his cabinet/buffoonery- Get your bunkers ready!


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1 hour ago, Bang said:

How about we have a reality show of people visiting his treasonous ass in prison?




It would be interesting to see this show, who would turn up! Two people each week. It could also include people who he'd meet who were behind bars with him. One from the outside, one from the inside. 


Only one visit from Melanie, the rest from her divorce lawyer. Ivanka visits every week. The boys are too busy trying to stay out of jail. 

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The View is on in our break room sometimes and Meghan McCain is such a coward.  She talks this big game but then when the "not my kind of conservatives" show up on the show, she goes into a shell.  I appreciate that she isn't a fan of Donald Trump's decorum, however his issues go way beyond his bad attitude yet that is what she chose to spend her time focusing on.  Would have been way better had they had the other conservative fill-in lady Anna Navarro on who is more savvy and would have taken Don Jr to task.  


On the issue of benefiting from their father in the office, weird how no one brought up Ivanka Trump.  And this phony "My Dad is giving up his salary" yeah pretty to easy to give up a few hundred grand when the family is raking in millions.  These con men need to go and whether Trump is gone in 2020 or *shudders* 2024, we better never see another one of them in public office ever again. 


Btw, anytime I see Don Jr with his beard, this is automatically who comes to mind:



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Overlooked today, but a big story...but the Clinton Foundation...






Why the Trump Foundation Payout is a Big Deal



Throughout the process, Trump denied that the foundation had done anything wrong despite Fahrenthold's increasing mountain of evidence that suggested the charity rarely made donations -- including to causes and people Trump claimed it had.
Which is bad enough. But, it's not as bad as what happened Thursday.
Don't get this twisted: Donald Trump, the man who, at every turn, touts himself as the greatest advocate in the history of the world for military veterans, used the money he raised in their honor to improve his political standing. And agreed to settle the case after pledging to fight the charges to the bitter end.
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At one point, Trump exploded at a reporter who asked why the Department of Justice hasn’t launched an investigation into Biden if there is any substance to Trump’s claims of corruption. He responded: “Be quiet. Quiet! Quiet! Quiet!” 




I picture Trump jumping up and down, stomping like a five year old throwing a tantrum.





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