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Trump and his cabinet/buffoonery- Get your bunkers ready!

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I saw the first Trump commercial today.   Chiming against how the swamp is trying to impeach him and all the great things he's done as president.


Dems really need to start counter programming that.

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So wait isnt he having a meeting with Erdogan soon? Hes meeting with the guy invading one of our allies while saying "Hey that **** is none of our business" and taking away military support from those allies. I just dont understand how we let this man do this. Hes harming humanity now. Not just Americans. 

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Well, every Kurd Turkey kills is a Kurd who Trump won't have to pay the things we promised them, if they helped us.  


Just think of it as a way to not pay people he had a contract with.  


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26 minutes ago, No Excuses said:

Lyndsey Graham was just on Fox and Friends asking Americans for “thoughts and prayers for the Kurds”. 

That's the GOP way for dealing with deaths that can be prevented through good policy.

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1 minute ago, NoCalMike said:

I am sure what Trump has on his mind is building a Trump tower in Istanbul. Can't let foreign policy unfriendly to Turkey get in the way.

There's already a trump tower in Istanbul. (He admitted it during the campaign, they played it on MSNBC yesterday.)

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