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Trump and his cabinet/buffoonery- Get your bunkers ready!

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Has been says what?




back a few years and a few years more, we used to joke about getting into it with axl rose, eminem, and kid rock :806:


three marshmallows trying to be hard


ended up just burnt and crusty

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10 hours ago, StillUnknown said:

he has access any piece of intelligence he wants, but he spends his time retweeting randoms spewing conspiracy theories


I promise that if I'm ever President, I will still get my news from @visionary 


(He'll be head of the CIA.)


Edit:  @China will be in charge of the daily briefing.  

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Not sure if this belongs here or in the 2020 thread, but definitely a great read.




George F. Will: ‘National conservatism’ is ‘Elizabeth Warren conservatism’



Their agenda is much more ambitious than President Nixon’s 1971 imposition of wage and price controls, which were temporary fiascos. Their agenda is even more ambitious than the New Deal’s cartelization of industries, which had the temporary (and unachieved) purpose of curing unemployment. What national conservatives propose is government fine-tuning the economy’s composition and making sure resources are “well” distributed, as the government (i.e., the political class) decides, forever.

What socialists are so fond of saying, national conservatives are now saying: This time will be different. It never is, because government’s economic planning always involves the fatal conceit that government can aggregate, and act on, information more intelligently and nimbly than markets can.

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