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Trump and his cabinet/buffoonery- Get your bunkers ready!

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Do we have an official "All Things Supreme Court" thread?   


The 5-4 Conservative majority ruled today that despite gerrymandering being highly partisan, the courts should have zero role in policing it.  


Looks like they also have blocked the citizenship question from being on the 2020 census....for now.  I am still listening to commentary on it, but it seems as if they are kicking the decision back down to the lower court to have them rule on it, and then I would assume it will go right back to the Supreme Court.   What I am understanding as of now is that the evidence of the question having nothing to do it being about enforcing voting rights has a lot to do with the Supreme Court's temporary decision.  I suppose they are giving more time for all sides to make their case over again to the lower court in NY first? 

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Does anyone know whether or not this latest supreme court decision on gerrymandering changed the status of the newly redistricted map in Virginia? Do we keep the new map or do we go back to the old one that overly favored republicans?

Edit: It looks like VA is in the clear or at least hasn't been mentioned anywhere. This is the most pertinent info I've found so far.


The decision effectively reverses the outcome of rulings in Maryland, Michigan, North Carolina and Ohio, where courts had ordered new maps drawn and ends proceedings in Wisconsin, where a retrial was supposed to take place this summer after the Supreme Court last year threw out a decision on procedural grounds.


Proponents of limiting partisan gerrymandering still have several routes open to them, including challenges in state courts. There is a pending North Carolina lawsuit.




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Sounds like a "deep state".


Nah,, it couldn't be THAT obvious.



However, i note the chance that GOP leaders are running a child sex dungeon out of the basement of a pizza shop is now pegging at about 85%


Everything they say their enemies do.....



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8 hours ago, visionary said:




This isn't about intelligence, which is one of the things that Trump gets wrong on immigration.  The people coming here from China to go to college aren't necessarily smarter than anybody else coming here from anywhere else (or not coming here).  It is about access.  The Chinese that come here to go to college and grad schools are able to do so because their families are well to do in China and they have access to a good educational system and support.


Which makes them more likely to go back and less likely to appreciate coming here.


Plenty of 1st and 2nd generation immigrants here (today and historically) wouldn't have been considered "smart" based on Trump's idea of smart have done great things in this country.


Trump's ideas of discrimination are really about income inequality on a global level (and will and compound income inequality on a global level).

1 hour ago, visionary said:



It would be so nice to have even a half way decent President.

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