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Trump and his cabinet/buffoonery- Get your bunkers ready!

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12 minutes ago, TheGreatBuzz said:

I am interested to see how this affects his base.  Mattis is a God to many.  

If they think he's a god I suspect it's a very minor one. Certainly secondary to Trump. For most of the GOP base, Mattis was good because FOX news said he was and their fetishizing of the military reinforced it. A tweet barrage or two and they'll all turn on him. I suspect the Alex Jones side of the web already has.  

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35 minutes ago, No Excuses said:

Feels like a turning point. Mattis lays clear what has been staring the whole country in the face. Hopefully some of the on-the-fence people realize how badly Trumpism, which is the GOP now, needs to be beaten badly at the ballot box. 


Wont change ****. None of the Republicans in the senate will do anything to go aginst him. By next we they will be talking about forgiveness for Christmas. 


Only thing that that can change anything is voting, like you said.

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So one military related site I frequent that goes pretty far right had a post that said "Mad Dog 2020" and a good chunk of responses were people that were/are Trump supporters said they'd vote Mattis over Trump.

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I'm waiting for news that Trump has found some guy who used to be a chauffeur, who got appointed to be in charge of limousines st DOT, who he's appointing as SecDef. 


He's less qualified to be in charge of our military than, well, Trump. But he did once post a Facebook post stating that POTUS has the authority to order the US military to protect him from the FBI, or from impeachment. 

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