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Trump and his cabinet/buffoonery- Get your bunkers ready!


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I doubt it will go down this way but it would be supreme if the Presidency created by The Apprentice was brought down by the first winner on that show. 

16 minutes ago, TryTheBeal! said:

You lie down with dogs...

Three black ladies talking about how to spin their boss saying the N word. Surreal.

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27 minutes ago, Cooked Crack said:

Not at all racist


All these folks in the sunken place

Ever wonder why dishonest people record conversations without your knowledge?

Because they're dishonest and they know how to protect themselves.

I think this story is hilarious because it just demonstrates yet again what a ****show this Administration is. And now that "fake news" won't cover it the Tangerine Commander has to resort to personal insults and character assassination as a defense. Too late Don, we already knew Omarosa was a piece of work from the show you love to brag about.

I guess what drives me nuts is how casually these people discuss these issues and how calculated their approach is to "putting it to bed" or "spinning" the story. I know I shouldn't be surprised, but there isn't a hint of surprise in any of their voices, this is just another day at work for them. There's no attack of conscience, no questioning, "Who the hell are we working to elect?" They just operate in the most cynical manner you'd expect in our politics today. And they wonder why we don't believe what candidates and elected officials say, because we know for every instance, every decision these discussions are happening.

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I'm imagining Trump on the toilet this morning, door locked, tweeting his tweets, including his one praising Kelly, while simultaneously Kelly is desperately trying to break down the door trying to get to him to take his phone.


"Mr. President, open the door!"


*tweets how Kelly did a good job firing Omarosa*

*Kelly shoulders into the door*

"Mr. President, you need to stop tweeting!"


*thank you Kanye, very cool*

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25 minutes ago, Chew said:

My heart weeps for Paris Dennard every time I see him on television. 


I wonder why he subjects himself to the abuse.  The money cant be that good. 


Everytime he's on TV, the segment ends with him taking umbrage and winding up defending himself.

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6 minutes ago, RedskinsFan44 said:

From October 2017:


I wonder what Trump has on Burnett? Anyhow, since Trump seems to surround himself with people with recording devices in their pockets the truth will likely come out.


Good question, but the answer may be "nothing."


Rather, that 26 mil Burnett got via some chicanery at the inauguration might have been payment enough.  If, say, 6 mil of that gets distributed elsewhere for costs and hush money, Burnett gets a cool 20 mil.


Not bad for suppressing a tape.

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Sadly, it doesn't matter if it's true or not. Every rational thinking person already knows he is racist. As shocking as it would be to hear the potus say that, it doesn't change our opinion of him. And his supporters won't care at all. 


Maybe, maybe it turns out the vote a little more blue in November and is used on the 2020 campaign against him but I doubt it. He is bulletproof. He can say and do whatever he wants with no consequences.

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