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Show Yourselves II


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Om - you had us at 'hello'

Rumrunner - nice family!

SSM - you handsome devil you. :evil:

Ditto to that! And BTW SSM-I bat -1.000. :doh:

I'm guilty of the talk without pics, too. So here are some recent ones I have of my new haircut in my Redskins-adorned office. (already posted in AHFB)



My favorite thing to do in life: kissing Marcus. (a daily ritual) :silly:


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i hope you got your :kungfu: ready, cuz you're gonna be warding off boys left and right in a few years.....she's a cutie, bonef1de. :cheers:
awww...she looks just like u!!!!!

Just kidding man, cute kid. I wish I could barbecue out on the beach right about now.

Thanks for the nice words guys. She is a great kid and a HUGE Skins fan.

Adorable. She can IM me anytime. :laugh:

:laugh: She'll probably take you up on that. She had a blast talking to you the other day. She still thinks it's crazy how all of us live so far apart but we all have fun talking to each other.

:cheers: Guys

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