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Show Yourselves II

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What position do you play... I see a baller :)

LB -- Play all 3 but weak side is my strength. yea -- here come all the Lavar replacement jokes......:laugh:

By the way -- how do I get the pic to show instead of just the link

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It's time to reveal myself. I don't know why now. I tried to hold off until a live Tailgate, but I couldn't stand the double life any longer............ :D

Dear Gang,

I apologize for deluding you about my true self. I really didn't want anyone to judge me for my gender. But by now you all know I'm nuts anyway, so I figure it doesn't matter!!

Sincerely & HTTR,

Karla aka georgiaredskin





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omg!!! how did i miss this?!?!?! gosh..i've been too busy....you finally came out!!! now i can openly talk to you about girl stuff...:laugh: lol.........yay..... everyone finally knows...:silly:

hahaha! I was going to pm you but then you went offline! Yes.....I feel so free! It's so good to be 'out'!! :) (with my other homegirls)

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dks... you still owe us a piece of info concerning the 'other' person on ES who is masquerading as a male.

Still waiting...

patiently. :)

:secret: It's nipple boy. :shhh:

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Not exactly sober...and representing the greatest college ever lol(disregard my friend in the middle, he looks kind of fruity in the pic :laugh: )

so then i'm guessing ur the one on the left since u said ur representing the greatest college ever....:silly:
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