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Show Yourselves II


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Me with the EX...should have known better than to get involved with a titans fan. She was all blond when we started dating, much better than the multicolored look in the pic.

It's funny to hear about female NFL fans in the US... I can't say I've met a single female NFL fan in Canada thus far. Heck, would you believe NONE of my friends like football? Or sports in general?

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Interesting...I figured Canada would at least have some female CFL fans, surely hockey has some female canadian fans, I'll bet my life on it. Most of the female NFL fans I know are laid back, low maitence, and most importantly know what it means to be a fan...Unfortunately there aren't that many female redskins fans down here in the South, although the few I know are always friendly.

On a side note, someone should start a "Girls of Extreme Skins" thread...now that would be worth checking out...save me some time from gliding past all you guys...not to be hostile, but I think we all know where I'm coming from.

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Well..here's a few:

Me, ummmm..sometime last year.


Me in the mirror.


1st wrestling match(This was 189. Now I'm at 171.) I'm the blue one..


The lady and I at dinner before Ring Dance. Hahaha, her dress was messing up.


Sorry so many and they're kind of big..just..they were a few that were on my myspace..and yeah, didn't want to resize and reload.Feel free to edit the delete some of them.

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Yes I do, but I'm Garbage. This is my first year and I'm a Junior. It wouldn't be that bad if I wrestled at a low weight class, but yeah..Tabb is pretty good. I think they got 2nd or 3rd at the Invitational. What weight does he wrestle?

This past year he was 189. He's considering doing the Peninsula Wrestling

Association this spring. He'll be a Freshman at Tabb next year.

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It's time to reveal myself. I don't know why now. I tried to hold off until a live Tailgate, but I couldn't stand the double life any longer............ :D

the summer look (in Georgia):


a winter pale look (in Maryland):


Dear Gang,

I apologize for deluding you about my true self. I really didn't want anyone to judge me for my gender. But by now you all know I'm nuts anyway, so I figure it doesn't matter!!

Sincerely & HTTR,

Karla aka georgiaredskin

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and yet strangely exhilerated.

***just kidding - you are lovely, but then so is Blondie and I haven't started stalking her yet.

yet :)

it really is great to put a face with a name, and the little one's a cutie too!

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